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MongoDB Query Optimization

To evaluate the performance and efficiency of these functions for finding or creating tags, we will look at the number of database queries each function performs and their ...

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tRPC/gRPC with Typescript

gRPC, which stands for "Google Remote Procedure Call," is an open-source framework developed by Google for enabling efficient and high-performance communication between distributed systems. It is used for building and connecting services, microservices, ...

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How to configure and run Kafka
with TypeScript

To configure kafka, let's start our journey from the beginning by creating a new project! First, we need to create a folder called 'kafka-typescript' and inside that folder, from the command prompt we need to execute: ...

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Express - Elastic Search Monitoring
- Part 1

Elasticsearch is a powerful, open-source, distributed search and analytics engine that allows for real-time data indexing, searching, and analysis across large datasets.

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Express - Elastic Search Monitoring
- Part 2

Beats in Elasticsearch are lightweight, single-purpose data shippers that collect different types of data from various sources and send them directly into the Elasticsearch or Logstash for indexing and analysis.

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Express - Elastic Search Monitoring
- Part 3

First thing we do, start the docker program on your computer and in the command prompt of our project type `docker compose up` ...

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