What is the difference between CMS and Frameworks

In this article we will describe the main difference between these two applications.

What is CMS ?

content management systems

Content Management Systems

CMS is Content Management System. This is a complete functionality that normally we only change the html design (called templates) and install as website. For example WordsPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others. These CMSs are complete and ready for use. They are written following a certain logic that can be changed or add new features. This type of applications are fine for small and medium web sites or web applications that the customer’s needs are close to what the CMS suggest as features. In additional ot these CMSs we have some additional features or as we call it Plugins. These plugins are making the CMS very flexible and they apply to many customer needs. One CMS with plugins are covering if not all needs at least most of them.

What is Framework ?

php frameworks

php frameworks

Framework in the programming area is a group of classes and methods (functions) most commonly. They are used for easier, faster and better quality writing/creating application like web sites or web applications.
Developers are using frameworks for very custom applications where customer needs cannot be covert with CMS. Also these frameworks are used for very huge applications for better service. Frameworks are Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter, PHP Cake and many others.

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