Why to use Symfony Framework

Nowadays, there are many kinds of PHP frameworks, for example Zend, CodeIgniter, Cake PHP, etc. Established as an individual project for the client, the library with functions and classes for web application – Symfony Framework is well-known and thousands of companies rely on it. Both consumers and developers, who choose Symfony, succeed to benefit from their choice. Business Benefits: Symfony … Read More

Internet Advertising – Advantages

 Internet, which literally removes limits in communication, also has created and developed numerous companies. Internet advertising is an example that makes the use of the Internet appropriate to promote products and services to consumers. The purpose of the ad remains the same: branding and direct sales, but the difference is that it can be seen worldwide. Online advertising includes email … Read More

The quality in web design

There are many ways to improve the quality of a graphic design, many techniques that can be used to improve your web design. Correct Spacing The usage of spacing for design elements should be skillful. Pay attention to how things are located and aligned. Spacing can really change the overall look and feel for quality of your design. The key … Read More

What is the difference between CMS and Frameworks

In this article we will describe the main difference between these two applications. What is CMS ? CMS is Content Management System. This is a complete functionality that normally we only change the html design (called templates) and install as website. For example WordsPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others. These CMSs are complete and ready for use. They are written … Read More