How long does Social media marketing take and how much does it cost ?

The good thing about Social media marketing is that its results are almost immediate, and basically there is no set period. You can do this for a month or two or maybe more. Usually clients would go for three up to six months, but if you go beyond that, you will certainly have serious profits too. A marketing strategy needs … Read More

How will social networks help my business ?

Social media marketing has a lot of advantages, which you can benefit from both as an individual as well as a customer for a comparatively low price. Some of the most significant ones are: – Building lasting quality relationships with your clients – Easy way to promote your services, products, brands, labels, etc. – Increasing users’ loyalty and interest – … Read More

Why should I promote my business on Social Media ?

Social networks are another new type of technology which develops very fast these days. Many internet users create profiles on different social media platforms and this is one of the reasons why they stay longer at their computers. Today millions of people around the world use social networks such as FACEBOOK, GOOGLE +, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, etc. Lets us also add … Read More

Social media

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for less than a decade became part of the everyday life of billions of people around the world. The life of many of us can be even separated in periods of time – before and after we made an account in Facebook. Social media are named in this way because they are … Read More

How to improve and make your LinkedIn company page more popular (part 2)

This is part 2 of the article "How to use company pages and groups in LinkedIn". In the second part of the article we will give you information how to increase the followers of your page , how to share content and to see statistic about your page. How to increase your followers: A survey about LinkedIn shows that "companies … Read More