Symfony 2 – Installing Sonata and FOS Bundles

Hello friends of Symfony 2, In this lesson we will show you how to install Sonata Bundle & FOS User Bundle (FOS – Friends of Symfony). These new modules will help us to make better web development and optimized programming for our web sites. With this lesson and the previous one we created we will have one small complete application … Read More

Simple xml Sitemap in Symfony 1.4

This article is mainly for beginner developers using Symfony Framework, we will guide you in your way of creating your dynamic XML website map. For those of you who don’t know what xml Sitemap is we recommend that you read more about it at google. If know what it is and you are wondering how to create it that follow … Read More

Symfony 2 – Generating Bundle, Entity and CRUD Module

Hello everybody, In this article we will explain you the fundaments for generating bundles ( type of file structure ), entity ( class dealing with particular table from the database) and CRUD module ( create, edit, delete, show, list ) for an object in Symfony 2. One of the best features of Symfony 2 is generating part of the code … Read More

Programming Zend Lucene in Symfony Projects

In this article we will introduce you with an easy way to implement the Zend Lucene Full Text Search project in Symfony 1.4 Doctrine ORM website. We will present things a little differently then the original documentation of Symfony. We will try to explain the principle of implementation of a search engine and not providing you with code to use … Read More

Programming SfGuard plugin in Symfony

This article is like a lesson for those learning Symfony Framework. We hope that this article will help you in your web development with Symfony. We will describe one of the ways to work with SfDoctrineGuard at Symfony 1.4. For Propel ORM is very similar. To complete the task you need to have a basic understanding of Symfony. Next lines … Read More