Why you should register your business in Google + Local ?

Why would you register your business or company in Google + Local? Let’s take a look at the following significant reasons: 1) It’s free and it provides accurate targeted traffic and free advertisement as well. 2) The second reason can be easily seen on this image: The top few results, shown after searching in Google, are the Google + Local … Read More

Citations and their SEO meaning

The use of “Citations” , included as part of our SEO strategy, is important for improving the overall search engine ranking of your site. It is really important to understand the definition and application of “Citations”. Citations are essentially data references to your business name, address, telephone or other pertinent data which can appear on website pages, other than your … Read More

Page level – search engine ranking factors – part 2

That article is part 2 of “Domain factors influencing rankings in search engines “. Part 1 described the domain level search engine factors. The article in part 2 will describe the page level search engine factors. 1. Data about the pages level in social sites. This factor is related to data from the social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) about the … Read More

Domain factors influencing rankings in search engines – part 1

The factors influencing rankings in search engines need to be understood, figured out and used in Search Engine Optimization. Without proper understanding of SEO you may not reach the desired results or just rely on chance. The Google algorithm for search results is kept secret but our experience, the experience of many people, SEO specialists and Google and Bing employes … Read More

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, what is it ?

What is SEO and why we need it? SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. Optimization for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. SEO is a must for any website because without it a website containing important content, products or online tools and materials may not be found by the internet users because the website would not rank high in searches … Read More