and how to include microdata in your web site?

This is part 2 of the article “Microdata, semantic search and SEO”. What is the structure of microdata and how you can add microdata in your website? That we can find in the vocabulary of . It is very rich in content. The use of that vocabulary for implementing microdata in a web site is recommended from Google, Bing, … Read More

Microdata, semantic search and SEO

Today the use of microdata in your website is as important as in the past meta tags were important for search engines! All that is part of Google’s ambition to offer its users more detailed and exact search results. This is also popular as semantic search. What does semantic search mean? Semantic search can be shortly described as an attempt … Read More

Rich snippets and SEO

Rich snippets?  They could be well known to you or you might still never have heard much about them. But if we give you some examples like the image below and we explain what they are actually, may be you  will remember that you have encountered them, when you were searching in internet. Yes, that’s right! The first and the … Read More

Some easy SEO tips to optimize your website for a keyword phrase

We share with you some easy steps for you to make your website optimization better. Here is our SEO services page It is important the keyword phrase to be in the title (< title>)– the best  for the keyword phrase is  to be in the beginning of the title. Place important keywords as close to the front of the title … Read More

How to register your business in Google + Local?

In attempt to increase its social media presence, Google integrated Google Places and Google Local in its social media, the result of which is Google Plus Local, which has more attractive view (typical for a social media). That helps for better position in Google Search Engine too. The company make this with the purpose to encourage companies in all countries … Read More