Types of internet advertising. Characteristic features and effectiveness- part 1

The ways of promoting products and services online are constantly multiplying and we would definitely not exaggerate if we argue that internet advertising is flourishing. Infinitely easier for management and with far better measurability than advertising in traditional media, it is turning into an affordable and effective marketing tool, indispensable for every business. In today’s series of articles we will … Read More

WordPress and its advantages

WordPress is free, Web-based software that is used for creating and managing a website or blog. It was originally intended only as a blogging tool but now WordPress is also a content management system (CMS).  Each part of WP, the information, the code, etc. was created by and for the community. WordPress is an Open Source project, it is free … Read More

Types of internet advertising. Characteristic features and effectiveness- part 3

Sponsored/Paid Article Articles can be used as a tool for advertising online. If a publisher offers this type of service, then advertisers can publish an article in which to tell about the services or products offered by their company. One of the advantages of this type of advertising is that it usually combines the act of providing useful information with … Read More

Online advertising- types, characteristic features and efficiency- part 2

(continued from part 1) Text link Most often this is a concise message, a short motto or even name of an organization which contains hyperlink to the website of the advertiser. Text links can be positioned in many places among the pages of a particular website as the target audience is carefully selected. This is an advantage that puts them … Read More

Online store – part 3

Nothing attracts customers as the opportunity of a great purchase. Organizing promotions has always been and will remain a winning strategy. You can promote specific products in a particular category by focusing attention on them with the help of attractive images. This may result in a customer buying something he/she has never considered before. Enable user comments under the photos … Read More