What is @grpc/grpc-js ?

@grpc/grpc-js is a Node.js library that provides a gRPC (Google Remote Procedure Call) client and server implementation for JavaScript and TypeScript applications. It's designed to work with modern JavaScript environments, including Node.js and browsers. This library allows you to build efficient, high-performance, and language-agnostic RPC (Remote Procedure Call) systems using gRPC.

Key features and aspects of @grpc/grpc-js include:

Support for HTTP/2: It leverages HTTP/2 for transport, providing efficient multiplexing, header compression, and stream prioritization. This makes it suitable for high-performance and real-time applications.

Bidirectional Streaming: @grpc/grpc-js supports bidirectional streaming, allowing clients and servers to send multiple messages over a single connection concurrently. This feature is useful for building real-time communication systems.

Strongly Typed: When used with TypeScript, @grpc/grpc-js provides strongly typed interfaces and typings for gRPC services, making it easier to work with gRPC APIs in a type-safe manner.

Modern JavaScript/TypeScript: It is designed to work well with modern JavaScript and TypeScript development practices, including asynchronous code and Promises.

Protocol Buffers (ProtoBuf) Integration: gRPC typically uses Protocol Buffers for defining service contracts and message types. @grpc/grpc-js works seamlessly with .proto files and can generate client and server code based on these definitions.

Cross-Platform: While primarily designed for Node.js, you can also use @grpc/grpc-js in browser-based applications by bundling it with tools like Webpack or Rollup.

Active Community: @grpc/grpc-js is actively maintained and receives updates and improvements from its open-source community.

Overall, @grpc/grpc-js is a versatile library for building modern and high-performance gRPC-based applications in JavaScript and TypeScript.