About Me

As a child I was very excited about computers. At 20 years old, I decided to work as a software developer professionally. I started C++ courses and passed the PU(Plovdiv University) exam with 5.40. But not long after, I moved to Sofia and started working there in a company named `Freido` with PHP at first, and then in `StangaOne`, where we worked actively with Symfony Framework based on PHP and additionally Doctrine & Propel ORM. Of course, we also used HTML, CSS, JS, etc. We integrated various payment methods and many other features.

During my ... more than 15 years of experience I have worked for various companies both on a full-time contract and as a part-time contractor. I developed my competences and gained deeper understanding in the industry.
I have worked with various Bulgarian companies, such as GIPS Bulgaria, BMS, Agro Plovdiv, Dairy Systems and many others, as well as international ones, such as StangaOne, Diversity, Infinigods, Farmata Energy and others.

One of my interesting projects that I have worked on is Diversity.com. This is a job posting portal for minorities in the United States. After I presented a few ideas and created the first version of the website, the client really approved of my work and promoted me to the position of technical manager. They took over the sales part and I was assigned for the technical part of the business, in this case the development of the website. There was also a need for additional staff, such as additional programmers, designers and marketers. After we built the team for this application the business took off significantly with a monthly profit of around $100,000 per month.

While we were developing this application there were many additional projects and technical cases that I had to solve. I had a case study where we have a DB with several million records and traffic between 15-20k visits per day on a home page where we need to have a slider that takes results from the DB and displays them on the home page with AJAX and it should load under 1 Sec. Only a good optimization of the DB query will not do, a non-standard solution to the problem is required! I had another case where people from minorities in BG came to me and asked me to run ads for them on FB (as FB blocks them constantly) and I had to bypass FB protections. As well as many, many other projects and cases.

Another interesting project I have worked on is a project involving web3. Games ... where you can play and earn nft and sell it. The project is Nextjs based (where i had to re-write it from php and react 16 into Nextjs 13) with typescript and nodejs. Also includes functions for working with web3 - metamask wallet, solidity and blockchain where I gained serious knowledge and skills. You can check out one of my samples showing on my personal website.

I have been working also for Fermata Energy. Developing software for managing clients and their electricity vehicles needs with react.