WordPress and its advantages

WordPress is free, Web-based software that is used for creating and managing a website or blog. It was originally intended only as a blogging tool but now WordPress is also a content management system (CMS).  Each part of WP, the information, the code, etc. was created by and for the community. WordPress is an Open Source project, it is free to use it and many people are working on it. Most web designers rate the WP CMS as the best CMS at the moment. We do not have to be experts in programming to create a website using WordPress.The WordPress content management system (CMS) is based on PHP and MySQL.

 As a CMS, Word Press has many advantages:

–          WordPress is easy to use. It provides us blog and website layouts that we can choose according our preferences. Also, no programming knowledge is required to work with the site.

–          WordPress 3.0 provides attractive menu choices.  Menus and pages can be rearranged according to our needs.

–          WordPress provides hundreds of free themes. We also have the option of paying for a premium account if the free themes are not enough and if we want something different for our business.

–          WordPress also offers SEO settings; it can enhance search engine rankings. This can make our site show up on the first page of search results in Google for example.

–          WordPress has about 13,000 free plugins that can be found on its Open Source platform.

–          Using custom-built fields we can utilize WordPress as a viable CMS tool in an easier way.

–          The Pods CMS plugin gives us the option to create different content types without using custom fields.

–          Word Press has a large community that can help you in different ways – it can provide information, useful tricks, tips, etc.

–          The powerful back-end Of WordPress gives you the option to add new content or to edit the existing one.

–          WordPress offers us Woocommerce – an e-commerce add-on to WordPress to build our e-commerce websites.

There are a few drawbacks of WordPress as a CMS.  WordPress regularly updates its functionality and most people don’t like this feature. Customization of a theme can cost you money.  Functional modification requires knowledge of PHP; graphics modification requires knowledge of CSS and HTML. If you want to make major changes to your website, you may have to find a programmer to help you do this.

 There are also similarities and differences between Word Press and other content management systems.

–          Creating and editing tables or graphics format can be more difficult than in other applications like Quick CMS or Joomla.

–          Unlike Drupal, Joomla and Typo3, WordPress doesn’t require programming knowledge (PHP, HTML).

–          The menu options that WordPress offers us are quite simpler and effective to use than most other CMSs like Jomla or Drupal.

–           WordPress has many nicely looking templates, but some people prefer to design their own theme. Those users, who have the necessary design knowledge, may prefer a different CMS tool, such as Drupal.

–          WordPress requires many plugins in order to have the same CMS design options as Drupal or Joomla. These plugins are available, but using too many can slow the work of our website.

–          Word Press is cheaper to build.

–          The PHP security for Word Press is sometimes a problem. It is not as strong as some of the other systems.

–          Pods CMS is both an advantage and a disadvantage, while they are useful, but the admin community does not support them, because they would prefer you use custom fields. This is not an issue in other CMSs.

–          There isn’t much freedom in the user management in WordPress. If your website needs to allow access only to some specific users, you may need to use a different content management system or search for a proper plugin.

WP is a popular platform and is great to start blogging or simple website design. It is the most easy to use solution and offers many useful tools for beginners. The advanced users may need to install a lot of plugins to get the design capabilities they need, or they can use the service of a Web Design and Web Development Company.

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