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WordPress is a free web based software for creating web sites and blogs. With WordPress one can easily menage his website’s contents. After the initiation of WordPress back in 2003 millions of web masters started using it and WordPress has developed as one of the most powerful and user friendly CMS systems.
Why would you want to use WordPress as platform for your new web site? Here are a few good reasons: wpLogo
– The visual structure of WordPress is based on the so called ‘themes’, which allow quick and easy adjustment of the web site interface and the way the content is displayed with a few easy clicks.
– The web site functionality can easily be improved by using plugins. WordPress has a large and rapidly growing themes and plugins library. There one can find almost everything needed for a well presented web site. The themes can include proper for the user needs structure and plugins.
– With WordPress you can create and edit new pages and articles inside of a blog by only using your web browser. Knowing HTML or any programing language is not necessary. You enter your content as you would enter it inside a regular text editor program and you can do it from any computer with internet connection.
– The built in blogging system of WordPress allows for constant publishing of new posts with readers comments. Readers can also subscribe via RSS feed which can be very convenient for clients and readers and it is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to developing and supporting your new web site or blog.

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