Why you should register your business in Google + Local ?


Why would you register your business or company in Google + Local? Let’s take a look at the following significant reasons:

1) It’s free and it provides accurate targeted traffic and free advertisement as well.

2) The second reason can be easily seen on this image:

The top few results, shown after searching in Google, are the Google + Local results. If your website is not registered with Google + Local, it will not be listed within these results, neither on the map, and will be hidden far away from the visible part of the search engine. This shows how important Google + Local is. This helps a lot in your website optimization!
google local on mobile device
3) If you have a mobile device you can easily find active local businesses like dental offices, retail stores, etc, by browsing the internet, which becomes widespread nowadays. One of the greatest benefits of using Google + Local is helping clients to find your company easily (especially for offline business).

4) At the moment 1/3 of the queries in Google are related to places (Ed Parkers from Google). For comparison in 2010 it was 1/10, which is clearly showing a progressive trend. This means your business will be shown on the map with the exact location and address.

5) Local search is expected to surpass 50% of the overall search queries for places in the next 2 years! Using your mobile device for searching queries is a common practice nowadays.
How your website can be included in Google+ Local and be in a better position there?
Still there is no real definite clue how to improve your ranking in Google + Local, so it appears as a top result.
However, there are some advices you can take, so your website would be included and get a better position:

1) Register your business – when you register your company you will need to add information about it. Be careful when typing in your address (Google will send letter to verify your business at the indicated address) and the phone number you will list. Your name, phone number and address represent your business card all over the web. When you register in Google + Local you will have the option to include more than one phone number, however, we suggest you to list just one – the primary contact number. It’s really important that all the  information, citations and details about your business are identical everywhere on the web.
For more details about how to register your business you can visit our page “How to register your business in Google + Local?”.

2) A common rule about the ranking in Google + Local is that your company’s office should be located in or near the central part of the populated place(city, town, etc), there are however some exceptions.

3) Ratings and reviews of your business page in Google + Local could reflect on your ranking in Google + Local, but they should look truly objective – if you receive 10 great positive reviews for just 1 day and none for the next several days or weeks, it will be obvious that this is not very natural, especially when other similar websites have only 1-2 reviews within a whole year.

Here you can watch another tutorial from our colleagues about Google + Local