Why does a website need optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone has a computer today and uses it to search and find a variety of things online. Some people seek products they want to buy, others look for the details of a particular event, and still others look for information they really need. According to recent studies 20% of the people spend from 1 up to 2-3 hours a day at their computer, 30-40% spend from 3 up to 7-8 hours a day, and 30-40% spend more than eight hours at the computer every day. The percentage of people who spend very little or no time whatsoever at their computer is very small.

From 70-80% of the people who use the Internet go to Google to find information on products, events and other things necessary. Since Google is the most visited search engine, and a lot of searches are generated through it, a great number of websites get a large portion of their traffic right from there. And this is exactly what holds the essence of the answer to why a website needs optimization.

A great percentage of the visitors go through the first few links in the search results, or through page one at the most, thus leaving page two to be visited extremely rarely. If your website is displayed on page one, and most importantly, if users can find you within the top 3 of the results, you will not only have website traffic, an improved image, and a page visited and read by many, but you will also make actual sales of products and services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes finding your website easy, and you will notice that after a SEO campaign website traffic rises significantly, and thus you can take the leading positions in the results displayed by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Graphic

This is exactly what SEO aims at- higher traffic and more sales because you are easily found on Google (the most widely used search engine), and surely let us also add Yahoo, Bing, and the others.

Because of SEO users will stumble upon your website, and not your competitors! The process of search engine optimization is part of the overall strategy of Internet marketing.

That is why, if you would like your website to really reach the audiences you target on the Internet, and to benefit from its existence, then you should consider using the services of a professional SEO optimizer.

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