What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is also known as Social Media Optimization or SMO. There are 3 main ways to market your business online, with your website, blog and the social media.

What is social media? It is social communities online sharing pictures, links, videos, professional profiles etc. Many of the social networks allow brands and businesses to present themselves as community members. These brands and businesses use the marketing opportunity of the large present day online social media communities. They can pick up friends or fans and write as if they write a blog but with actual human being standing behind the post.

If you are a ‘good citizen’ of the social communities and contribute to them and don’t spam anybody you will most probably have very good reception by these communities. With the social media you can market your business, promote it and give customer service.

Maybe the most important things about the Social Media Marketing is that your word can spread ‘virally’ because every member of the Social Media communities has a group of friends who can share your word with their friends and their friends can share it with their friends too. This is called Viral Marketing.
What is the Goal of the Social Media Marketing?

The Goal is to create a funnel which engages the people of the social media communities and make them want to go to another location which is your website, blog or store. How does Social Media Marketing work? marketing social networks
1. The main social media wright now are Facebook and Twitter because they have a large number of members, they are free, user and business friendly. So the first step is to get your brand or business on Facebook and Twitter and chances are very very big that many of your present and prospective customers are there already.
2. You should also have already set up a website and/or a blog to funnel people there. Many people are not very comfortable using the social media the way they are with normal web pages and that is why you should have a regular website set up.
3. Write on Twitter and Facebook on regular bases.

Guidelines for tweeting and writing on Facebook and improving your Social Media Marketing campaigns. What should you as a business owner tweet and write?

1. Write about sales and marketing meaning you should write about your own products and try to drive sales.
– write about events and have sign up sheet.
– write about time limited sales.
– post about free coupon codes. They can increase the chance that for example your tweet will be retweeted especially if you say that the coupons are for your followers only.
– write about web site, store or service specials.
2. Write about company info. It does not have to be about specific product, sale or service you are offering but about the company in general. – post product pictures or videos with a link to your website with a special offer.
– write about staff members if something interesting has happened to them or about a new intern.
– offer customer support especially on Twitter – find out what are your customers talking about on the social media or find mentions about your company on Twitter and reply immediately in this way everybody will see that you are supporting your customers.
– write about client news if something interesting has happened to them.
– write about product tips, how your customers can use your product.
– write about press mentions and/or interviews.
social media marketing
3. Write general info. Information which has to do with your industry. We can assume that people who like you or follow you are interested by things about your industry.
– write industry news.
– retweet staff people you follow tweet about.
– ask questions like what should our next product be or what should we charge about something or ask questions like what is the best way to get somewhere or what is a good hotel in the area etc.
– request help/suggestions on Twitter.
– write a little bit of personal info once in a while like ‘exited about the coming christmas … ‘ or ‘stuck in bad weather at the airport airplane is delayed’. This kind of posts add a personal touch so that people feel that hey there is actual human being behind the tweets and posts.
These are some ideas how to enhance your social network presence and improve your Social Media Marketing.

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