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Today’s topic describes how using high level software tools can accelerate your implementation of smart phone technology in your organization. Of course, you have noticed that more and more people are buying smart phones for purposes far more beneficial to them than simply using the device as a phone. Clearly the smart phone and various tablets have become the social tool of choice for increasing personal communications, productivity and profitability.

The trend for using smart technology is definitely well established and increased usage is motivating many organizations to either create a separate new mobile website or modifying an existing site to accommodate their customer’s mobile access.
html responsive web design
In the past ,web based companies would create their main website application and then progress onward to a mobile/template application as an add-on to their main application. This “build then add- on” approach has been for the most common method used website designers. Unfortunately this approach of building then adding on applications proved expensive and required considerable ongoing software performance management. Fortunately, new technologies emerged such as CSS & HTML that enabled web developers to create more responsive and integrated web site design. In short, the developer can build a main application version and a mobile version at the same time. This approach is far more economical and practical with regard to software maintenance.

Although the above approach represents a significant improvement, the development of mobile applications should not stop. There exist some newer software tools available for optimizing existing CSS/HTML versions particularly if the website is a large one.
developing reposive web design for different devices
An excellent example of a newer more powerful framework for developing an integrated main and mobile website is the availability of Zurb Foundation Framework. We recommend spending a few minutes reading about this excellent capability.

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