Stages of website development – Part1

What should customers know? (Part 1)

The process of creating a website is characterized by several stages which usually require constant collaboration with the customer.  If you have decided to place an order or are still considering, then it is advisable for you to become familiar with the basic elements of the process. Since it is you, who owns a business, your participation is crucial.

If you are serious about what you do, then you will most certainly go through each stage. Cholakov IT offers a wide range of web solutions but what really makes the difference is in fact the individual approach to every client and project. We strive to meet the needs of every business.


Website developmentYou don’t need to know how to build a website in great detail in order to contribute to the first stage of its development. Our experts will consult you about everything you should know regarding online business. They will however require information from you, since planning should be done in a way that harmonizes with the individual needs of your project.

  • Goal– first and foremost you should think about what you hope to achieve by creating a website for your business.
    Would you like to increase sales of products and services? Do you hope to share information and attract an audience? Or maybe you are looking for new markets and ways to advertise online?
    Everything that you hope to accomplish matters because it will dictate the way we build your website strategy and appearance.
  • Target audience– your goals and your business will determine the target audience. Communicating your ideas to the people needs to be done the right way. You may have specific ideas to share with us, or you may choose to consult extensively with our experts.
  • Competition analysis– our experts could provide you with really valuable help there. With all their knowledge of branding, design, SEO and internet marketing, they will surely give you valuable advice. You on the other hand, may think about what is it that makes you stand out in your niche, what makes you unique and how you imagine your online presence. This is crucial in website development because its major functions are to be the face of your business and keep it in touch with your clients.
  • Contents– you can start considering what contents you would like to publish on your website. This includes photos, images, videos, articles, etc.
    If you place an order for building an online store for instance, that will certainly require photos of the products you are selling, videos to promote them and etc. In case you also need to create a blog for your online store, you can think about the kinds of posts and articles you imagine it would contain.
    One of the most important questions you need answered is what information your target audience would be looking for on your website.
  • Languages your website will be available in– this largely depends on your goals. If you seek business expansion, then this will certainly play a huge part of website development and planning.
  • Design– think about what your website should look like. Its design depends on number factors since it has to serve the accomplishment of more than just one goal. Our experts will help you find the perfect balance between your ideas, your goals and the latest trends in web design.
  • Web design ideasFinancial resources– creating a website is an investment. When done responsibly and seriously, it usually returns many times.
    How much are you willing to spend on website development? It is better if you answered that question after consulting our experts who will tell you how much our services cost and why they are important for your project.
    Once you have considered all this, you are free to consult our team about anything you want to know or find unclear. Our experts will also help you with:
  • Choosing a hosting plan
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Shaping the concept of your website structure– consider the type of categories that your website should contain, because easy navigation and access to information are vital in website development. They are what guides the user to the desired content, and what shapes the wholesome impression you leave in that user. This is what practically determines if the visitors return to your website or not.

You may start putting a plan!

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