Types of internet advertising. Characteristic features and effectiveness- part 3

Sponsored/Paid Article

Articles can be used as a tool for advertising online. If a publisher offers this type of service, then advertisers can publish an article in which to tell about the services or products offered by their company. One of the advantages of this type of advertising is that it usually combines the act of providing useful information with advertising itself thus adding up to the prestige and authority of an advertiser. Furthermore, product information can be delivered in a much more detailed way than with usual ways of promotion.

The article should have an engaging title and quality content.  It can also contain a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website.

If your company sells hair care products for instance, you may publish an article with hair care tips and advice on how your products will contribute to a person’s hair routine.

Search engine advertising (Advertising with Google)

This is a type of paid advertising through the most widely used search engine- Google. It is perhaps one of the most effective ways of internet advertising. The huge traffic generated by search engines together with the targeted nature of the searches is what it takes to make Google advertising a part of the online strategy of every business.  Google’s advertising platform is Google AdWords.

If you plan to organize an ad campaign with AdWords, you may always turn to our team of professionals. They will guide you through the process of composing an ad message, choosing keywords/phrases, defining your budget, etc.

This type of ad is paid per click (CPC)- every time a user click on the ad.

Animated full page ad

One the most attractive ways to advertise is the animated full page ad. It is also the most expensive. It can include videos, pictures, sound, and it is usually seen by every visitor of a web page.

 Affiliate marketing

It is a very good and very interesting method of online advertising. Usually the advertiser presents links/banners to web publishers, so that the publishers promote the products and services on the pages of their blog or website. The publisher earns a commission from each sale (or is sometimes paid for generating traffic only) generated from the traffic he/she has driven to the advertiser’s website.

Nowadays the connection between a publisher and an advertiser is very often established through affiliate networks.

With the expansion of the blogosphere this kind of marketing has become exceptionally popular.

Advertising on social networks

Social media advertising is an indelible part of every serious online advertising campaign.

On Facebook, one of the most popular social networks, you can advertise your business in a number of ways. You can do it directly through paid ads, or you may also use a variety of marketing tricks.

After one of the last updates of the Facebook algorithm business page management is no longer narrowed down to regular posts. To ensure your reach, you need to pay, which means you should carefully choose which posts to promote and how to compose them.

Some of the ways of advertising and marketing on Facebook include:

1. Creating a company page

2. Regularly host contests

3. Viral marketing

4. Promotions, sales, etc.

5. Promoted posts

6. Facebook exchange (FBX) (a contextual type of online advertising, also offered by Google)

7. Traditional ads on the right

8. Facebook Open Graph

And what about mobile devices?

Ads in games and applications are now a routine. Each element of the web space adapts to mobile devices and the same counts for online advertising. Text links for one have a strong advantage for they are always displayed correctly.

Advertising or marketing?

When we refer to the internet, the two concepts are often mixed. Marketing covers a very wide range of activities in which advertising is a part of the overall process.

There is no way, however to exclude social media marketing or SEO from the ways to advertise online.

Online advertising is constantly expanding and growing. Stay up to date with the latest trends and feel free to contact us anytime.

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