Types of internet advertising. Characteristic features and effectiveness- part 1

The ways of promoting products and services online are constantly multiplying and we would definitely not exaggerate if we argue that internet advertising is flourishing. Infinitely easier for management and with far better measurability than advertising in traditional media, it is turning into an affordable and effective marketing tool, indispensable for every business.

In today’s series of articles we will inform you about the different types of internet advertising, their features and how to use each type to achieve your goals.


It is one of the most widespread types of internet advertising. And also, it is one of the oldest. Ever since it first appeared it has undergone many changes, e.g. it turned from a simple static image into an animated one which has a number of functions.

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*What are the standards?

Web banners are usually available in standard sizes (measured in pixels). Here are the most common ones:

468 x 60 – full banner

234 x 60 – Half Banner

125 x 125 – square banner

88 x 31 – micro button

120 x 240 – vertical banner

90 x 30 – micro button, type 2

120 x 600 – ” skyscraper ” ( 1 )

160 x 600 – ” skyscraper ” (2)


In addition to that you may also choose whether your banner will be a static image (JPEG, PNG…) or an animated one (FLASH, GIF, RICH MEDIA).

*Features of internet advertising with banners. How to choose the best banner for your campaign

According to the latest trends in online advertising banners are especially effective when they are used for the purposes of image advertising. It is through banners that you can easily and quickly achieve brand awareness and also send a brand’s main message to the audience. However, this is not what banner advertising is all about.

If you follow the trends and choose to advertise with the use of an animated image, you can achieve a lot more than with any other add in a traditional type of media (like newspapers, magazines etc.).  You can engage users by making them answer a question (call to action).  When you ask about their opinion, it is much easier to “drive” them to your website and turn them into potential customers.

You can always change a banner or choose a different message, or to go from image to product advertising.

If you strive to catch a user’s eye, it is better to forget static images for banners.

Larger banners attract much more attention, provide opportunities to fit in more information, and give freedom for creativity.

The banner position on a web page also matters.  It needs the best possible visibility. Floating banners are very effective when it comes to internet advertising.

In addition, you need to carefully research the target audience of a website and the traffic it receives if you plan to advertise on it.

If you consider starting an online advertising campaign with banners, Cholakov IT offers a number of opportunities to consult with our experts, discuss strategy and banner design.  You can contact us anytime.

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