The titles of success in e-mail advertising

Email Marketing - Process

Email Marketing – Process

Do you want to create a good email marketing campaign, present your product to increase sales, to present interesting and ancillary information to consumers? But what is the essence of success at this section of Internet advertising. How to be bold, but not intrusive? How to be interesting and with good offers, but without being like 90% of the sites and businesses advertising on the network? There is not just one answer. But it does have a number of steps that if you follow, you would took on a bit higher level than others.

First step to success is the interesting topic of your letter. Even if users do not wish to open and read what you sent them in the letter, they will certainly read the title or the subject of your email. Here you have a good opportunity to make them think again with just the title whether to throw the letter or to give it a second chance, open it, and look at what may be in it for them. There are no universal titles. Even the more standard one title sounds, the more it is used and more often overlooked to a virtual trash bin. Try different groups of words, or simply interestingly sounding sentence. There is no general rule, so everything is permitted. Try to create some emotion in the reader. Try to tease him nice or tickle with witty title.

It is very important to the subject of your email what will be the keyword. If you use both standard and like we already said cliché words like “discount”, “sale”, “super offer” etc. you have great potential to irritate the users and make them never open your letter again, if started this way. Also be aware that certain words like “free” triggers spam filters of different email accounts and if that word is present in the subject of your email, the letter would not even fall in front of the user, as will be directly sent in spam folder and hence deleted.

One of the tricks of email marketing is personalization of emails.

The titles of success in e-mail advertising

The titles of success in e-mail advertising

Personalization is a detailed database of user information, about the users you are sending the letter to. It’s nice if there is a name to the letter, but it will be better if you have other information – gender, age, residence and other basic things that help you set the right tone of the email. Here without ofcourse being too familiar with the users a short acquaintance can show a user or group of users your offers or products that are on sale in their town, or a price reduction if you know that a user has already purchased products from your business . Email Customization is a kind of individually addressed to a given user, not dry standard advertising cliché made to appeal to the general public. In email marketing seek innovation and it’s not bad to pay personal attention of consumers. Example is showing the consumer products that are similar to those already used or purchased by you. Show your personal attitude and a kind of friendly nudge in the given field of products.

Another thing which you must comply are the main characters. Do not write the title of your email in capitals. On one hand this represents a very loud tone of conversation, like someone is shouting at you in written form, because excessive writing in large letters leads to this association than to the idea that the offer is good. Second thing for capital letters is again the mail response as spam and remove them as letters from your main mail. It is not said that the subject cannot put 1-2 capitalized words that you want to emphasize, but watch out and be moderate.

Also an email makes a bad impression when looks more like a painting than a letter. Do not let sprinkles exclamations, smiles, asterisks, brackets, and others that you may find interesting and creative addition accompanying the information, but it is not. It rather irritates the reader.

The titles of success in e-mail advertising

The titles of success in e-mail advertising

One of the basic rules that we must follow when writing email subject is the number of characters. Do not allow yourself to expand your theme more than 40-50 characters, otherwise it as text, which is integrated as a subject. Clearly and accurately explain in a simple sentence, what you want to imagine. Not to mention that marketers indicate that 40% of emails are opened on the screen of smart phones, which as we know is much smaller than that of a computer. Because of this a lot of American sites describe the ideal length of the topic barely 5-20 characters. Yes it’s little, but this is the reality, especially seen in the screen on a cell phone. According to marketing expert Christopher Ratcliffe as shorter one email subject is, the better. , it doesn’t burden the user, but as something short and easy to open and read. And most of all have a minimum chance of being thrown in the basket of the letter once.

In summary we can say that your subject should be: short, clear without stereotypes, not in capital letters, the maximum is a simple sentence in the email itself not have indiscriminately dumped signs of beauty instead bring style writing and diligent kind of information. Be innovative, but keep in mind these rules can save you a lot of nerves and wondering why your emails are not read.

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