Standards that we must comply with when writing emails for mobile devices

email standards for mobile devices

Email standards for mobile devices

As we see from our lives, a lot of companies that send us emails and trying to show us perhaps a really great product or service make the same mistake. The most common mistake is the poorly optimized topic of the email for the users who open their mail primarily and principally from mobile devices.


According to the US Bureau of Statistics occupying with email marketing “Email Marketing Industry Census” note that in 2014 only 47% of companies optimize their topics for mobile devices, 34% work on the issue, trying to make the optimization, and 19% are not at all interested in email optimization for mobile devices. In the email marketing for mobile devices there are the same factors and rules for success, but we will emphasize on the main factors making email campaign more accessible and effective, namely for the mobile users / readers.


1. In a large part of the web-based Post (such as Google or Applemail), it was noted that the sender’s name is front – priority. The idea here is not to put the name of the sender as his mail (example, it will be much more enjoyable and distinct if the letter goes directly with the sender’s name (Stavri Ivanov). The idea for the user is to see a name that sounds familiar, so the element of breaking the barrier sender – receiver breaks a little bit easier.


2. Stick to simplicity and conciseness of the topics. It is difficult for a man to send a full description of what it wants to present through a few words, and requires much thinking, which are the words that will work for effective business. Here are some examples:


  • Top 5 of our new products
  • Great reduction in the holidays
  • Up to 70% discount with us
  • The coolest things at the moment with us
  • Holidays are coming – special offers from us


Use any topic to capture consumers who want to come to you. Be brief, clear and focused. Shoot one bullet in, instead of 10 out of the target.


emails for mobile devices

emails for mobile devices

3. Stick to short subjects. This is not repeating the point above, but a different view of the short subject. This is a psychological observation of the effects of the short subject. Outlook has a limit of characters for email – 42 per topic. Google has made even a little more freedom with 72 characters per topic. Do not let that fool you. Statistics related to email marketing show that, the perfect length is between 5 to 15 characters. We agree that this is a maximum of 1-3 words. But the more simple and plain the topic is, the greater the chance it has to be read by the recipient. You ask why – the answer is immediate – the idea of “much to read” is impossible in the head of today’s working person. If you send a letter and it has sentence of 70 characters such as: Here with us you will find everything you want and looking at attractive prices . This is too long, aggravating the eye when it’s seen on the tiny screen, and subconsciously leads to the idea that if the title is so long at this tiny screen, its troubling me, how much longer and severe will be the reading of the letter. From here the consumer just clicks the Delete button and moves on. What if the letter was written like this: holidays are coming – special offers from us. We don’t say that this is the best example, but is much easier to read at first glance. Choose your word logic carefully for maxim successful words representing most effectively what you are presenting.


emails and mobile devices

emails and mobile devices

4. According to studies, the mass consumer use their mobile device for the selection of the letters in your email for further reading on a desktop computer. If you want your letter to survive to be read, it doesn’t hurt to use a little tricks to invite users. Namely one of the most effective strategies is the sense of urgency. With titles such as: Only in the next 48 hours or 48 hours remain, last day of sell or promotion ends today – you will be able to deploy in the user’s mind the feeling of urgency, and make him at least look at what’s in your email. Thus, you will present everything you have only using a tiny trick. The idea of a deadline makes the user to search for a product or service that is not even thought before.

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