Stages of website development- what should customers know? (Part 2)

Main stage of website development- graphic design and programming

Once you have considered in detail the aspects of the initial phase and consulted our team, it is time to proceed to actual stage of creating your website. Cholakov IT works with attention to every detail until the customer is satisfied completely.


Make a websiteOnce our designers have been informed of your project goals, your ideas and overall conception, working on web design may begin.

Different projects require different design approaches. A corporate website for instance has a very different feel and look compared to a news site. Our company follows the latest trends of web design which guarantee success.

Our designers will prepare some sample concepts for you to see and share your opinion on what you like to keep or perhaps change. The communication between designer and customer is a crucial element for ensuring satisfaction with the service provided.

In Cholakov IT we work until the customer is 100% satisfied.

Programming part (server-side)

This is the stage at which our programmers will create the actual functioning website. They  will develop a content management system (CMS) if your project needs one. It will help you to control what you publish on your site effortlessly. It is a key element of website development because it allows you to manage your content. If you are not very knowledgeable in the field of web technology, then you will certainly need an admin panel.

The programming stage of website creation is also closely connected to your SEO strategy. The code will be written in a way that will help your project meet the latest criteria of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

It is also highly recommended that you have a mobile version. The portion of internet traffic generated through mobile devices is growing vastly. This will be part of your SEO strategy for driving traffic and increasing sales.

Testing period

web developmentevery other stage is complete and after your final approval, the website will be uploaded on a server to be tested. The basic things that usually get tested after finalizing website development, are its compatibility with the latest standards of web programming, how it gets displayed on the newest version of web browsers, or when accessed via mobile device.

Its functionality is also tested to check if everything works as it was meant to, and to eliminate errors if necessary.

Going live

This stage finalizes the essential part of the process called website development. Once it has been uploaded on the internet, we should have a look at the obligatory stages of off page SEO and maintenance. If you wish to make your project successful, you cannot possibly omit those two extremely important parts.

SEO, Social media marketing, internet advertising

Creation of a websiteThis is the most essential stage for making your website popular and reaching new markets. What your optimization strategy will include will largely depend on your budget, your goals and the dedication you have for developing your business. Our experts can offer you service packages adapted to your needs.

Developing a website alone is not enough without a strategy for attracting new customers and visitors.

Your business needs to be registered for the main web directories and catalogues, in order to get real presence on social media and engage your customers’ attention. Staying active is therefore key.

You should not utterly dismiss the numerous opportunities for online advertising outside the scope of social networks.

A quality website combined with effective marketing plan is an invaluable investment in your business development. And you can be sure it will return more than just once.


It includes everything you need to do to keep your site functioning and optimized all the time. This means content updating, launching new campaigns, fixing bugs, etc. Cholakov IT can provide all of these services for you.

If you would like to work with us, we are ready to offer the knowledge and skills of all our professionals in order to contribute to the development of your business.

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