Some tips for powerful e-mail

In this article you will find out how to make users and Internet surfers to be interested in what you are trying to offer them. How to nudge them gently with your email, so get them to open it, and not dump it in the trash or in the spam folder. These are a few simple tips that can help to provoke consumers to act, as in theirs, and in your favor.

Rule № 1: Write your emails short and simple.



This is perhaps the most fundamental rule in email marketing in order presentation and advertising. Compose your e-letter so that it is easily legible at first glance. Nowadays, people have less time side of things and in most cases do not like to read long emails. So when composing your email, make it short, simple, bold the main keywords that you want to emphasize. In that way the recipient of the email will be able to review it quickly, without leaving it for later, and with a quick glance over the reading, his mind will easily be identified on the idea of email and keywords that are put there for a reason. Thus your email does not burden the user with long reading difficult and serious reading, which anyway no one will find the time to read. At the same time you represent your product or service in a very easy, quick and affordable way. Main points in the rule are:

  • bold the titles and all keywords that you aim to present at first reading, what you offer and to whom
  • nice to bold keywords, but do not to forget that any excessive thing brings can backfire, so don’t bold every second word in order to generate interest in the text, and only those words that you really want to highlight
  • in each sentence or paragraph try not to knead the main idea for that particular type. I.e. write rationally and watch each main idea in the email that you do not to duplicate 2-3 other ideas, which anyway will put forward later
  • Do not be wordy, do not write a few sentences, when only one is enough
  • Use points or arrows (bullet) to summarize certain information, but look to stick with rationality of a few words. I.e. do not write a few sentences as bullet

Rule №2: logically different parts of the text

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One of the most important rules that must be followed during the writing of any reading is a logical connection between the title, introduction, body and conclusion. If you just go throw an idea here, a bit there as well seem at first glance your letter, it will remain a bunch of other interesting information, but only so much. Make email structural and logic. Start with the initial idea of what you want to represent and smoothly switch to the exhibition, which is also placed in the title. With a light tone to the reader move in to conclusion, to get a user to seek contact with you for services or products that you offer, or at least wish to obtain more information. Let the conclusion again repeat the basic idea of your email.

Rule №3: Place emotion in readers and users

Here the game of provocation is at its best. You need to create such a feeling in the reader that with your product or service he will be a little bit better, more cheerful, more happy. If the email you include a special offer or proposal, do so this offer be the most attractive and most arousing interest. But do it in such a way that it does not seem like any another “good offer” popping out from every other site. Make it so that really pose idea in the reader “This perhaps is my offer. Let’s look further down in the text and etc. “. Create a sense of desire for your product. Make it attractive with simply attract customers with quality assurance, and good competitive prices. But the main thing is the product not just commercial thing, but it needs to be shown like there is a kind of individual supply to a given user.


Rule №4: Always use the right tone, when it comes to customer.



I know it’s a little odd to speak of tone in an email, but it is very easy to highlight the feeling that brings ways of presenting information in your letter. If you want to see how your email influence the readers ask 2-3 people to read it and tell you what their mood is after reading experience. The options are 3: positive, neutral or negative emotion. Focus on the positive words in the email that will leave a positive attitude among the readers to you and all that you offer. The tone is implied by what impression remains in the reader after the presented information.

Rule №5: Always use facts.

Always use the facts to your side. Do not be claptrap about it and reinforce your every sentence and idea with facts. Since nowadays email marketing take scary big part of Internet advertising, consumers are accustomed to see and hear about all terribly nice promotions, offers, products and services. Convince the reader in your argument with facts that guarantee the quality and security offered by you. Earn consumer confidence and forget about the high style of speech. I’m not saying to forget about the professional attitude, but write your email easily accessible language for the average reader. And it becomes very easy: show consideration and understanding of consumer needs, speak their own language, support as we already said your product with facts and figures, make perfectly clear the advantages of the offered thing as mentioned above in bullet or bold places. Use the information and facts on your side. Very important is the colloquial way of writing at a level understandable to the consumer.

These are some of the most basic and primary ways to compose a good email and launching a successful marketing campaign. In summary, we must add a slight repetition of places. In email marketing, and direct marketing, we see that repetition and slight underline of places of an idea plays in our plus. The most important thing, however is to make a successful sale transaction is convincing the consumer that our product is exactly what it needs. Always use the tactics of persuasion.

We hope that in this article you will find your weak points or the idea, how can create the perfect email marketing strategy for your business.

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