SEO – Search Engine Optimization, what is it ?

What is SEO and why we need it?

seo-optimization1-300x225SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. Optimization for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. SEO is a must for any website because without it a website containing important content, products or online tools and materials may not be found by the internet users because the website would not rank high in searches for the website’s keywords or keyword phrases. Or even the same website may not be indexed by Google or other search engines because of not being optimized.

What types of SEO there are?

Depending on where SEO is done there are two types of SEO: On Page and Off Page.

What is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO is all the optimizations that the specialist working on a website does on its pages. This optimization is done inside the files and pages of the site. For example changes in the content titles, the content itself, the meta tags (keywords and description in the “head tag” of the html page), link structure (shortening the link text or translating it for pages in different languages) etc.

What is Off Page SEO?

seo-link-buildingOff Page SEO is all the optimizations that a specialist makes outside the optimized site. It is mainly link building (creating of links from other websites towards the optimized pages) which is the most important factor for high search rankings. A few of the ways for Off Page SEO are:

– registration of the website in directories

– link exchange between one or more websites

– publishing of articles about your website in other websites

– creating of new websites (blogs, forums) which have links towards the optimized website in other word they make your site more popular.

Can a website on which has been performed only On Page SEO come up in search engine rankings?

It is possible to some extent if the website has been optimized for keywords with low competition ratings. It is possible also in cases of the optimized website having exclusive content drawing visitors to share links toward this content. Often this is the case with entertainment websites but again the keywords have to be with low competition ratings. If the keywords you optimize a website for are popular and many people optimize for them than it is very difficult to rank high in searches for them especially if the content of the optimized website does not stimulate user sharing.
For successful SEO you have to combine On Page with Off Page optimization.


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