Rich snippets and SEO

Rich snippets?  They could be well known to you or you might still never have heard much about them. But if we give you some examples like the image below and we explain what they are actually, may be you  will remember that you have encountered them, when you were searching in internet.

Rich snippets

Yes, that’s right! The first and the third result in this page from Google contain rich snippets and they are looking better, right? Rich snippets are additional lines and information on particular result in search engines, which usually contain visual information (rating stars, images, etc.). To be included in your pages, you have to use structured data like microdata.

What is the use of rich snippets?

Most of the time the use of rich snippets in the source code of your website helps to attract the attention of visitors, makes them more confident and gives them some expectations about the content of a web page. This on the other hand brings more traffic by average 30% and betters the ranking in search engines.

What rich snippets are mainly used for in search engines?

In the moment rich snippets are used in Google for:

rich snippets

  • Reviews
  • People
  • Products
  • Businesses and organizations
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Music

Brands, which use rich snippets

Some of the famous web sites, that use them, are: IMDb, eBay, iTunes, Rotten Tomatoes, .

What you have to do, so that you have rich snippets in your web site?


  • It’s necessary to use structured data using for example microdata.
  • Your microdata have to be according to the standards like the examples on (other alternative is ).
  • The information in the content, which is described, must be visible not only for search engines, but for visitors also!
  • Your web site must have some authority.

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