SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process which can help your website to rank higher in Google or other search engines results.
Your website may have a perfect design, meaningful and well written content and at the same time may not be found by search engines like Google. Approximately 85-90% of site traffic is generated by search engines. More than 50% of the people or companies looking for a keyword make use of the results on the first page only. It is very rarely that people go to page two or three to find what they need. If your website does not appear in the top results on page one, then chances are it will not get enough online visibility and will not attract potential visitors. If you do not have traffic, then sales of products or services will be significantly reduced.

Cholakov IT can do for its clients’ websites full search engine optimization. For prices of our packages please visit our page “SEO prices“. The services, which our company offers, include:

Audit (Analysis) of your website

There are more than 200 factors for ranking a web page in Google. Before we start SEO work on every website, we have to research it from A to Z for things like:

SEO - web traffic and website optimization

  • Research of your business environment and defining competitors to your website.
  • Research of the best possible keywords and phrases.
  • Your current website ranking in search engines for that keywords.
  • Analysis of the traffic and visitors to your website.
  • Check for validation of the source code of your website.
  • Web site speed test.
  • Reverse ip look up – what kind of websites are hosted on the ip of your web site.
  • Crawl Diagnostics – how Google or other search engines crawl your web site – if there are many crawl errors your website may not rank well in search engines.
  • How many domains links to your website; quality and quantity of links to your website.
  • Analysis of your current SEO strategy and what needs to be improved.
  • Creating strategy and advice how you can improve the SEO of your website.

SEO service price

On Page SEO – Full analysis files within the site, consulting and upgrades.

seo - website optimization

After we audit your website, the next step is On-page optimization. On-page SEO includes all the optimizations that the specialist working on a website does on its pages. This optimization is done inside the files and pages of the site.

  • Removing of crawl errors detected by search engines. This task may require a lot of efforts by our web and SEO team because many of the CMS (content management systems or web platforms) that are used for building websites are not designed with SEO in mind.
  • Optimization of the source code of your website, so that it will be with SEO friendly code. The first goal of this optimization is webpages in your website to be recognized from search engines as related to particular keywords. This is one of the most important steps. If Google doesn’t understand and relate your web page to particular keyword, it will never rank your page about that particular keyword or phrase.
  • Making sure your website is indexed easily and fatser by Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If your page can’t be crawled by search engines, they won’t be found and ranked in their results.
  • Optimization of your webpages so that attractive and correct information shows up in the search results text. We make pages to look more “beautiful” and attractive in the eyes of Google. When optimized correctly this information can be more attractive to the targeted potential customers also.
  • Evaluation of required quantity and uniqueness of the texts of the website.
  • Create or correct title, description tags – for each page.
  • Add appropriate tags “H1” headlines in most pages.
  • Saturation of internal links between pages (internal link building).
  • Mark keywords in bold and italic
  • Adding alt attributes on images and text. The text should be provided by the customer or our copywriter will create it.
  • Create the sitemap file, robots.txt and send it to Google.
  • Analyzing the content and change the text if needed.
  • Checking for errors in html and css code website.
  • Create a counter on the site or replace the counter if it is inappropriate.

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Off page SEO – build links, analysis of competitive websites and creating strategy.

seo - optimization

Off Page SEO includes all the optimizations that a SEO specialist makes outside the optimized site. It is mainly link building (creating of links from other websites towards the optimized pages) and link earning which are some of the most important factors for high search rankings.

  • Analysis of competitors’s baclinks
  • Links in quality directories which Google trusts.
  • Links in websites about events.
  • Links in blogs.
  • Paid links from related webs or directories.
  • Local and regional listing websites.
  • Press release in web sites.
  • Wiki pages (if possible and accepted by Wikipedia).
  • RSS emissions.
  • Link campaign – includes placing links to your website inside other sites on a selected topic.
  • Links with proper content and keywords in “anchor text”. Links from other sites with the same topic.
  • Landing pages. Monitoring the bounce rate indicator and if it is high, creating strategy for improvement.
  • If necessary, we use other unconventional methods to promote the web site and advertising on the Internet according to the specific project.
  • These are just basic standard steps to be taken for developing SEO campaign.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization