E-commerce System

When The Internet Technology has been created and even in a very short period of time developed (perhaps the fastest growing industry), more and more merchants are going online for selling products, services and entertainment. The Traders who were fast and saw that the Internet increased their business quickly created e-commerce applications and become very famous in the Internet area with a lot of success. As the time in which we live is very dynamic and people are also busy in their daily life they simply do not have time to walk and buy what they need, considering shopping online as a way to buy a product only with one click. It is easier and time consuming. Therefore, our company Cholakov IT, in order to meet the needs of our customers grew in this area, too. Here are the main tasks required for each e-commerce application:

  • Create individual web design and structure – our web designers work on the design until the client becomes 100% satisfied.
  • Developing of features and control panel using CMS.
  • Developing of e-commerce module and product catalog.
  • Connections and developing of profiles in the social networks.
  • Optimization for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • sale online

  • Detailed statistics and reports for the visitors and their behavior on the site.
  • Hosting solutions.
  • Support and guarantee.
  • Trainings and consulting, how to work with our e-commerce application.
  • Consulting, how to improve the performance of the e-commerce application, his internet presence and traffic.
  • Innovations
  • Responsive design (the application is perfectly visible under all devices and resolutions).
  • Others

Онлайн Магазин
These are just basic standard steps to be taken for building any e-commerce application.

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