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Several characteristics of a truly successful online store

If you have the ambition to make multiple sales and reach higher peaks in business development, you have the actual opportunity to achieve all this online.  However, in order for that to happen, you need to approach the matter with no less seriousness and professionalism then you did when creating your offline business.

An excellent online store is not just big brands’ whim. We at Cholakov IT believe that top quality and smart strategy are what ensures the best positions in any sphere.

This is why we have decided to share some of the criteria that most online stores should be able to meet.

If you wish to start a project, you can always turn to our experts, who will consult you and explain in detail anything you may need to know.

Seamlessly navigate through pages and directories

Online storeAbsolutely indispensable for two main reasons- firstly, a user should be able to quickly and easily reach the desired contents and products, for otherwise the chances of them leaving your store are enormous; second, a product that is easy to find is easy to sell. Even a patient client cannot possibly purchase what he/she is unable to find.

The more visibility a product gets, the more likely it is to attract more users.

Minimalist design

Complex and ornate style is not what gets you more sales. The idea with online stores is the design to be simple, so that everyone who visits the shop to find their way easily. The eye should not be bombarded with excessive information for this can only cause distraction or confusion.

Bear in mind that minimalistic design does not mean lack of professionalism when creating your online store. On the contrary- the kind of stylish, modern, simple design creates a sense of security and a base for impeccable presentation.

These are the latest trends which are followed by all the huge brands globally.

With regards to design, Cholakov IT can ensure a perfect combination of incredible style, your own needs and understanding,  as well as the expectations of your target audience.

 At least three options for customer support and consulting

No matter how detailed your product presentations are, questions may always arise. The customers in your online store need fast and easy access to support.  The least you could provide includes e-mail communication, phone conversations and live chat.

Recent research shows that clients tend to trust stores that offer live chat much more than those which do not. You’d better not compromise with these functions.

Internet stores have a significant advantage when it comes to customer communication and support. It is due to the fact that the buyer is the one to decide when and whether they need the help of a consultant. It is not necessary to talk to tiresome, overly eager shop-assistants, the customer controls everything on his/her own.

You should not deny your users this type of opportunity.


What makes shopping in an online store much better than that in an offline one? Above all, the answer lies in the ease with which you make a purchase.

If you regularly bother clients with excessive filling of forms, or finalizing a purchase takes the loading of 6 pages with irrelevant options, then you can be sure you have managed to exasperate a buyer.

Complicated purchase procedures can be avoided very easily by applying different methods.

One of them for instance is used by renowned online trading platforms such as Amazon and includes the following: first, the preferences (payment and delivery) of an individual customer are being stored on a global account; after that if the customer returns to any of Amazon’s stores, he/she is free to buy directly without having to fill in everything over again.

Everything in your online store should be done in a simple, easy to use way.

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