Online store – part 3

Online storeNothing attracts customers as the opportunity of a great purchase. Organizing promotions has always been and will remain a winning strategy.
You can promote specific products in a particular category by focusing attention on them with the help of attractive images. This may result in a customer buying something he/she has never considered before.
Enable user comments under the photos and product description
Trust rates in your online store will improve immensely if you make this possible. Customers value other customers’ opinions. Do not fear negative comments. They will always be there, but if the goods you offer are generally high quality and if the return policy is flexible enough, you should not have any problems. Positive comments will outnumber the bad ones.
In addition, reviews are a direct source of information about what is most approved about your e-store and where you should consider improvement.

Create your blog

Publication of adequate information on the products that are available in your online store, or messages about promotions, can turn a blog into an additional tool for communication with customers and increase your authority. This shows interest, competence and openness.
You can post additional promo videos, photos, or even discuss any issues that would be of interest to your customers.
Mandatory mobile version
In today’s world where smartphones and tablets are omnipresent, it is impossible not to adapt electronic store for use on mobile devices. Purchases made ​​via mobile phones are increasing globally.
Quality and safety
Whether we talk about design, search engine optimization or process improvement for consumers, you should strive to provide quality goods and services. This is the best way to grow.
Attention to the details of the content you post is important not only from a client’s perspective, but also in terms of SEO and Social Media Marketing.
Security in an online store is absolutely necessary. Since you are working with personal data, you should pay special attention to the means of protecting it. This will increase customer confidence in you, they will not have any doubts towards online shopping.
So many requirements … Why do I need an e-store?
The truth is that the requirements for an online store may be even less than for an offline one.
You are provided a lot of benefits that only online trade can offer.
If you have a real store, then you already have a distribution channel for your goods. This does not mean that you should stop there.
By creating an online store you can:
• Reach new markets
• Use more ways to advertise and promote
• Avoid the restrictions of space when storing or exhibiting goods – the platform of your online store may contain a description of each item you offer
• provide customers with quick, easy and convenient shopping
• Promote you offline store

Why pay for an online store?
The answer is very simple. No free platform can offer enough security in any respect.
You will be limited in the amount of information you post or you will pop up unwanted ads. Besides, free platforms do not offer technical support and adequate optimization. If something goes wrong or you lose information, generally there will be no one to turn to.
In many cases, if you want advanced features, you will need to turn to paid services.
Therefore, when you create an online store to promote your brand, for successful sales, data security and satisfied customers, you should contact a professional.
If you choose to place your order with us, Cholakov IT team will consult about every single issue.
Do not hesitate to step into the world of online marketing and reach new markets.

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