Online advertising- types, characteristic features and efficiency- part 2

(continued from part 1)

Text link

Most often this is a concise message, a short motto or even name of an organization which contains hyperlink to the website of the advertiser.

Text links can be positioned in many places among the pages of a particular website as the target audience is carefully selected. This is an advantage that puts them in a superior position compared to the banners as a form of online advertising. Text links’ untraditional position makes them more distinguishable and many specialists will confirm that users tend to trust them more.

Recently text links are considered a type of online advertising showing higher efficiency in regard to number of clicks than banners.

Text links are much more simple and even cheaper. The latest marketing researches show that this type of online advertising has about twice as much click through rate.

Banners or text links?

The best option is a combination of the two. Although very often online advertising specialists argue that banners are out of fashion, they still possess many advantages when we talk about image advertising and establishing a certain brand on the market.

Also, button-banners show a higher percentage of click through rate (CTR) than text links.

Floating banners, as well as those with a clearer message and attractive new design,  will always draw the audience’s attention.

However, text links twice as cheap and the amount of traffic to your website can be increased multiple times if you choose this type of online advertising.

In addition to the arguments mentioned above, it is unadvisable to deprive yourselves of any type

of advertising because the users are different and they choose to spend their money in various ways. Some of them want to purchase immediately or very soon, whereas others would rather do it in the future.

It is considered that when it comes to banners, the message is oriented predominantly towards future clients (recognition of the brand creates trust) and text links concern those who actively look for a purchase or service in the particular moment.

E-mail footer and E-mail marketing

Advertising messages can be put in the end of each e-mail that the users send. This is the so called e-mail footer.

E-mail marketing comprises more than one type of activity but we will pay attention only to the e-mails sent to a particular group of people (those who have not subscribed to your company website) as the purpose is online advertising.

Similar type of messages should correspond to particular requirements in accordance with the law. We all know how many users hate spam.

Nevertheless e-mail marketing continues to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways for online advertising.

*Characteristic features:

– make the message clear and attractive enough;

– work with a professional designer if necessary;

– include call to action

– measure/keep track of the results (how many e-mails are received, how many are read, forwarded toward friends, how many of them have contributed to a larger amount of traffic to your website via hyperlink from the e-mail etc.)

It is a good idea to inform your users for any promotions or games, to give some information for free on a certain topic or to invite them to take part in an event, meeting, seminar etc.

E-mail marketing is currently one of the cheapest, fastest and most effective ways to advertise on the Internet. For further consultation on how to proceed you can approach the specialists from Cholakov IT.

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