More often or less often to send emails? Formula for success – Part 2

Basically you and your business are looking to attract the attention of consumers in any way and to keep this attention to implement a transaction or sale. Worst in more frequent sending emails is that instead involve even more the public attention, the attention is lost. Commitment of the average consumer shifts just because of excessive information, and suppressing the idea of introduction of interest.


email marketing

email marketing

We have two sides of the coin – one moment in which most information and more frequent release of emails earns us points, and the other time when excessive information and too many emails are marked and throw in the trash without being read at all that because of the huge wealth of information. Here the question is where to focus and what to do to specifically stimulate a successful email campaign? There is no single answer on what strategy to choose. The best thing you can do is to experiment, start your e-mail advertising with light reading with a rare frequency of sending newsletter. If in the email everything is fine and the information you provide appeals to a broad network of people, then soon it will came queries about various things related to your product. There you’ll find out whether it is better to specifically stimulate little more often a newsletter and information. It all depends on the type of business that you do and if there is a real desire for more information. In the beginning limit yourself and only wait and watch how the desire for information will increase gradually. If do not, then do not rush to flood consumers, especially those who are not your customers, with more unnecessary information currently suffocating.


Generally the success of an email campaign cannot be measured by how frequent or rare your email attacks are. The most important thing is to keep consistency in email marketing. Send information at regular intervals of time and at the right target group of people who are interested.


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