Jappix – great chat platform for business and other things.

Jappix is a wonderful platform for chat, business and other things. I found this platform when I was surfing through the net. When I found this site and read the description of this chat system and looked at the services and opportunities, I was fascinated. Jappix provides many useful tools for communicating with the world. They havе created three versions of it: desktop version called Jappix, mobile version called Jappix mobile and mini version called Jappix mini. Through Jappix you can be constantly in contact with your friends, colleagues and business partners worldwide. No matter where you are, you only need a smart phone and Internet connection and through Jappix mobile you can keep in touch with anyone as well as share videos and photos.

Jappix, like most other chat systems is based on XMPP protocol that is widely popular and used by many other popular chat systems such as Google Talk, Facebook, and others.

Also Jappix has very strong support. As a beginner in this application, I had problems at the start and I couldn’t understand everything. But on their site Jappix mini version was installed where you can ask questions and one of their support engineers will answer you. They give you links and explain to you how things are working. And this happens in seconds. In most cases, I should send an email and wait several days until someone answer me and possibly receive information that I don’t need; the connection is not very good and it is quite slow. With Jappix the situation is different. The chat system installed on their site allows quick and easy contact with them and they will help you immediately . And it’s all free. The system and support are free as well. Just great. These people are really great. jappix Mini
Jappix mini can be easily installed on each site without any problems in the code or the site operation . Jappix mini code is 10 lines and is extremely easy to configure. Thus, site owners gain a new and very useful asset which is free. They can have constant connection with their users to answer questions quickly, without wasting time with unnecessary emails that may be delayed for days. This is a pretty good way to give instructions on anything. The design of all versions of Jappix is simple and not intrusive, allowing users quick and intuitive way to navigate and work with it.

Jappix is a very friendly chat system. You can organize your friends, colleagues, business partners and customers in groups with whom you can maintain your own private connection (channel) and not by email or Skype. I am personally very impressed with this software, its extremely simple and intuitive design, good communication means and very good support. A really wonderful system!

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