Internet Advertising – Advantages

Internet advertising Internet, which literally removes limits in communication, also has created and developed numerous companies. Internet advertising is an example that makes the use of the Internet appropriate to promote products and services to consumers. The purpose of the ad remains the same: branding and direct sales, but the difference is that it can be seen worldwide. Online advertising includes email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, banner ads, pop-ups, etc. Like traditional media, the good Internet advertising includes publisher, advertiser and often an agency that facilitates the process, generates the ad content and puts the advertising message.
This is a business that is constantly becoming more and more popular from the late 90s onwards. Products and services targeted at young people, find the social media and blogs more efficient and getting more attention. With interactive and engaging messages, the user actually becomes a participant in the process of advertising. As a result, the efficiency of the displayed ads on the web is more measurable.
The most significant advantages of Internet advertising over traditional advertising
Costs: The electronic media is more powerful than other tools, especially when it comes to price. Covering the price of a huge audience is possible with limited costs online, resulting in a much better return on the investment percentage.
Easier targeting: Due to the nature of the Internet, it is possible to narrow the target audience, so that the part which sees the advertising consists of more potential buyers. In fact, the geo-targeting can be used so the ads will be relevant to the users. Similarly the history of the web browser of users can be turned into a base for zeroing preferences and avoiding unnecessary repetition.
Measurability: This is one of the most important factors in making decision for improving the impact of an ad on the Internet. For our convenience, it is possible to collect accurate data on visits, pages visited, how many times the ad is seen by the same user, how the user reaches the ad or website, and if the activity has led to a sale.
Universality: Unlike other media, online advertising can be very interactive. From the inclusion of video games to audio messages and input section for query, there are many methods to keep the user strongly interested and constantly engaged.
Speed: Once an Internet advertising is ready, the distance between the advertiser and its customers can be quickly shortened. The mobilization may be immediate, as most of the time the advertising schedule does not depend on the schedule of the publisher. Even modifications and editing in advertising are faster on the internet.
Surely there are some disadvantages of internet advertising. Some of them are „Click – fraud”, regulations for finding an infringement of privacy and “banner blindness” or lack of impact of the advertising, resulting from the viewers’ annoyance. However, the benefits are essentially far outweighing the disadvantages.
The Internet is expected to continue playing an increasingly big role in people’s lives in the near and distant future. Whether the PCs will remain the dominant method for internet access, some form of a global communications network will probably be a reality for many generations, creating effective ways of sending advertising messages to users in the community and all over the world.

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