How to improve and make your LinkedIn company page more popular (part 2)

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This is part 2 of the article "How to use company pages and groups in LinkedIn". In the second part of the article we will give you information how to increase the followers of your page , how to share content and to see statistic about your page.

How to increase your followers:

A survey about LinkedIn shows that "companies which have the best engagement with users have 100-200 followers." Our advices about how you can increase your followers include:

– invite first your family members, friends and co-workers.

– reach more people via e-mail, phone, personal contacts, etc.

– share your LinkedIn page on your website and in other channels.

– add LinkedIn link on your website and in your e-mails.

– invite industry thought leaders.

If you don’t know how you can become a follower of a company page, watch this video:

Find and Follow a Company on LinkedIn

How to use groups to increase your followers

Here we will give the following ideas and advices for the use of LinkedIn groups to increase the followers of your company page. See the LinkedIn groups as a source of professional knowledge and communication with other specialists.

Advices about LinkedIn groups:

– there are more than 1 million groups in LinkedIn. Create and join groups – you can for example join many, to participate in few and to manage one.

– participate in discussions. Be active in groups! You can share the companies which are important about your business in a comment there.

– create suitable content.

– you can share information about your LinkedIn page by engagement with professionals from companies that you follow.

Promote by other marketing materials

You can promote your page by other materials like:

– business cards, e-mails.

– e-books and guides.

– presentation and events.

How to keep your followers engaged

– Ask yourself what is the passion of your followers. Questions which your clients ask are one of the topics that you can use when you create status updates in LinkedIn.

– Share information that is interesting for your followers.

– After you share links on your website, add a short sentence with guides about the benefit of that information. F.e:

"You want to rank your website in Google? Read our free e-book!"

The best time to publish content

Usually for LinkedIn thease are weekdays. You can test f.e. if your followers are more active in mornings. It is good practice to publish at least once a day.

The best way to publish Status Updates:

– use links and images in them

– make them short

– tell your followers which actions to take

Video about how to make status update:

Post a Company Status Update on LinkedIn

See the statistics of your page

After you logged in your account and you are on your company page, choose Tools > View Page Insights.

Company insights linkedin

From there you can see statistics about your page – how many page views, unique visitors, clicks, demographics, etc.

Linkedin statistics


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