How to use LinkedIn company page and groups?

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This is part 1 of the articles about how to make use of LinkedIn company pages and increase their presence in that social media. In this article we will share how to make and set up LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn is the biggest social media in the world specialized in connecting people with professional interests. We will share some interesting facts about it:

– 90% of LinkedIn members use that social media to menage better their company and for information which they can’t find on other place.

– 3 out of 4 professionals rely lightly or heavily on professional networks to support business decisions.

– 81% of LinkedIn members prefer to have separated accounts for their personal and professional life.

– every second there are 2 new registrations in LinkedIn.

– there are 7610 searches in LinkedIn per minute.

How to create your company page in LinkedIn?

1. To create a company page in LinkedIn, first your have off course to have a registered account there. You can register from here!

2. After you have signed in with your account, go to Interests and choose Companies.

LinkedIn companies


3. From the right side you will see a link "Add a company". Click on it.

Linkedin add a company


4. Next you will see fields where you can fill the name of your company and an e-mail where you will receive verification mail.

Форма за добавяне на страница на компания


5. Information about your company:

It is not enough only to click the button and to create a new company page in LinkedIn. It is necessary to fill the following information about your company:

-choose LinkedIn members who will be administrators of your page.

– add information about your company and url to your website.

– add description about your company.

– add your company specialties.

You can see how to create and set up your company page on the following video:

Set up your Company Page on LinkedIn

Improve your overview, products and services tabs:

By using products and services tab on your company’s page you can give information about your products, services and other content, and also you can receive recommendations about them from other LinkedIn members. This can increase your website traffic and the sells of your business.

Very unique option in LinkedIn is that you can customize your page to show different content according to that to whom you want to show it.

F.e. you can show different version of your product page to people in USA or Canada; to business owners, marketers, etc.

We advice you not to forget to collect recommendations about your products!

On this video you can see how to add and setup tags about products and services:

Add Products and Services to your LinkedIn Company Page

You can learn more information about how to improve your company page by publishing content and increasing your followers in the second article: How to make your company page popular in LinkedIn

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