How to install Thunderbird

thunderbird installing
This is a tutorial for beginners, which will explain how to install and configure Mozilla Thunderbird.
The first step is to download the program from the official web page.

Once you download the application, you have to install it on your computer.

install thunderbird
install thunderbird place
thunderbird type of instalation
end of instalation thunderbird

Follow these four easy steps and you can run the program.
Once you start the program, go to the File Menu->New->Existing registration

thunderbird settings

Then type the data in the first field you should enter the name that you want to be displayed when you send emails. The second field is the actual email address, for example: the third field the password should be typed. Once all the data is filled out, klick -> Enter.

thunderbird data

The application automatically detects the required settings and simple we click -> DONE.

thunderbird complete settings

Our email is already added to the list. Now we need to pull our letters. Right Click on the name of our email address and on the left we choose ->Download the letters.

thunderbird download emails

Once we download our email on the left bar of the program we should get a result similar to the image.
thunderbird email box

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