Some easy SEO tips to optimize your website for a keyword phrase

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We share with you some easy steps for you to make your website optimization better.
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  • Seo optimization for particular page It is important the keyword phrase to be in the title (< title>)– the best  for the keyword phrase is  to be in the beginning of the title. Place important keywords as close to the front of the title as possible.Also the keyword phrase has to be mentioned exactly, not almost exactly. For example for a keyword phrase Chocolate donuts the best title would be exactly:

Chocolate donuts

  • URL the keyword phrase has to be in the url of the page. Place it as close to the domain name as possible. For example:

Different words in the url have to be separated with dashes, not with underscores. This is what Google officially recognized as the way to separate words in urls. Also all letters in the url should be with small caps (because it would be easier for people to write it that way and that’s why this is also one of the factors for Google).

  • Meta description – it doesn’t have direct influence on Google’s ranking. But when people see well written and related description to some page in the search result, it is possible for them to click it and that will increase your traffic. It is good your keyword phrase to appear there also because people will know that there is information in the content which they are searching for.


  • The content – in a small text the keyword phrase has to be mentioned at least 3 times. In a bigger text – at least 5-6 times.

The best is your keywords to appear in the first sentence of your content. Nearer to the beginning of the text, the better!

Your keyword phrase can be marked with italic in the beginning once (not more than that). This is considered to have some small percent for the ranking of your web site.
SEO Tips
Important: Don’t come to the extreme with adding keywords. It is important your text to look natural and not like stuffed with keywords. It will be more useful even if the content is useful, attractive and linkable – inspiring people to link to it.

Seo researches show that one text can be ranked higher and higher when you add keywords till one moment.  After that there is no change in the position in search results. Keywords stuffing can repel users of your web site and it also can act as an alarm signal for Google that something is wrong with your content and there can be a penalty for your web site.

  • Alt (Image Alt Text) – your keyword phrase is good to be included 1-2 times in the alternative text of your images. If you have many images, it is not necessary to include your keyword phrases in all of them. It is also good the filename of some of your images to be as your keywords because there is a possibility for images to be found in Google image search and that can also bring traffic.


Additional tips:

Internal links – the links to your optimized for keyword phrase page has to come from other pages in your website also (it’s better to be inside the content of these pages). This will show to search engines that you consider your optimized page as very important in your website.

Click-Depth – it is considered that the more easy and near to the home page is one optimized page, the better (because visitors will have to click less times to reach that page starting from your home page.)

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