How much does it cost and will investments return ?

From one point of view, the price of SEO may be considered very low, but also very high from another. It largely depends on the type of business you would like to develop, how active you are ready to be, and much more. In a number of cases the business is being rather neglected, the people who run it are very inactive, and the achieved results simply lose their significance- this is a typical case when optimization turns expensive. This is the place to point out that if our client is really serious on business development, he/she will follow the advice given by SEO experts, as in this way all desired goals will be achieved, and the service we provide will be inexpensive and our client will be able to generate profits.

We have also come across a number of cases when a very cheap low-quality SEO service is offered, which can seriously damage the reputation of a website. The real price of high-quality SEO services in Bulgaria is about 400 BGN per month (approx. 200€) and even more. There are services which are offered at a lower price, but are stripped from certain features, either because the website is small or new, and is not very powerful, or because the price is just too high for the client in the beginning, for he/she still has other expenses on the hands, still investing and not yet expecting huge returns.

For one reason or another, you can find these services at a slightly lower price but oftentimes the quality is lower. If we are considering serious quality and active optimization which aims high, then prices can go as high as 600 BGN per month (approx. 300€) or even more, but keep in mind that the profits after this investment are enormous.

The website itself also plays a role in determining the price, the website quality and code matter are not to be neglected either.

To have great profits it is important to work with an expert in SEO, one who has had years of experience optimizing a variety of websites, and has recommendations from clients. If you find the right person, you will definitely enjoy huge investment returns!

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