How long does Social media marketing take and how much does it cost ?

The good thing about Social media marketing is that its results are almost immediate, and basically there is no set period. You can do this for a month or two or maybe more. Usually clients would go for three up to six months, but if you go beyond that, you will certainly have serious profits too. A marketing strategy needs to be built, and you will set the time you need according to your financial resources and the different tasks that are to be undertaken. The price of Social media marketing services is comparatively low. In our practice we determine the price by the activity required for the marketer. If you require regular publications, a few or so every day, then the price may go higher but your success will be much greater and you investment return- bigger. Normally the price is lower when compared to optimization, and so is the activity of the marketer. However there are campaigns with very intense activity, and therefore higher price, but the results are impressive. There are campaigns that can drive you more traffic, and three to four times more sales of your products/services than Google or other search engines. We have held some very strong social media campaigns, gaining traffic of nearly 1000 visits per day from Facebook alone. This lead to huge sales of the products we were advertising at the time. Results are highly dependent on the investment budget, the customer’s own activeness and above all- on the marketing strategy used by a marketer in social networks.

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