What does Graph search by Facebook mean?

In January Facebook revealed a secret new feature in their social media – Graph search. Mostly people use Facebook to connect with friends but now they can use it also to search! The search in Facebook is different compared to that in Google. You can use the search in Facebook when you want to know more about some topic related to your friends.

Facebook introduces graph search

How we can activate Graph search?

You can visit that url: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

At the bottom of the page there is a button "Try Graph Search". After you click the button it may takes several days or weeks before Facebook approves your account to be a beta tester of Graph search.

Activate Graph search

What we can use Graph search for?

Graph search works at the moment only in English. Here are some examples which show how you can use the new search in Facebook:

Search, related to books:

You can type in Graph search (it will replace the place of the old search field in your Facebook profile) "My friends’ favorite books " and you will see which are the favorite books of your friends.

Search of movies:

You are wondering which movie to watch now? You can find which movies are liked by your friends or some of your friends by typing in the search field "My friends’ favorite movies ".

Search of restaurants:

Another possible idea – if you want to find a nice restaurant, you can find which are the recommended restaurants by your friends by typing "My friends who like Restaurants ". You can add your town or city also.

introducing graph search

Job search:

Facebook is not LinkedIn, but it is an interesting idea for example if you want to make contact with a company – write the name of the company and see which of your friends or friends of friends work in it. This can be a very useful way to find a new job or make a business contact. You can type something like "My friends of friends who work at Ford Motor Company".


introducing graph search

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