Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a website ?

If your business aims to attract potential clients, to reach for new markets, and thus progress in the future, then it is more than certain that it needs a significant place in the Worldwide Web ensured. Owning a website is indeed a serious advantage, as it provides access to a number of opportunities. A site can function both as an online shop, as well as an office, working around the clock seven days a week, without actually needing a break. In this way your customers are provided with an easy access to your services or products at any time they choose. A website can be viewed as an incredibly modern and interactive way to inform your clients about all the important news that matter to your business. Through it a lot of people will actually find out about you, and it will boost your reputation. This will lead to an increase in sales, but it will also expand the scope of your business.

In what way would owning a website actually contribute to promoting my business ?

If you own a professionally developed website that offers a variety of services online, then you have already taken a major step towards beating competition. Through your website you can build an image which makes it clear that your company has taken the road towards ambitious business development, whilst following the most recent innovations in service and advertising.
Due to your online presence you will no longer have to confine your business to the local markets. If you’d like it to be available on an international scale, you can very easily make sure that a translation in several languages is provided. You can experiment and at the same time take advantage of all the countless opportunities offered by new technologies. Exactly how you will approach the creation of a website is a decision depending on many specific factors. Our team aims to achieve maximum flexibility so that we can meet the versatile needs of each type of business and the people who run it.

How much will developing a website cost me ?

Since the needs of every business are very specific, the projects we develop rarely resemble each other that much. It would be implausible to determine a firm price as it is dependent on a number of factors which are to be discussed with the client beforehand. For example some of them might be certain requirements to the website design, its complexity, the functions a page is meant to perform, etc.
You can contact us at any time- it will be our pleasure to consult you and answer any questions you may have.

I have already made a decision to build a website. What follows next ?

A decision taken is a step taken. Now that you have done it, you can move on to the next stage- consider when, where and in what way it would be most convenient for you to contact us, so that we can discuss all the details concerned with your project. Before we meet you can try and answer a few preliminary questions if you like e.g. what is your overall idea of the website, content requirements, target audiences, and expected results. Once we have clarified each of these points together, we can proceed towards writing an offer for you. All the details concerned with the process of development will be duly described in it so that you have a clear idea of how everything happens. You will know the price of each service, the time it takes to be done, who will be working on the different assignments, what the information architecture of the website will be, its concept and many others. After you review our offer, you will have the chance to demand changes. Once they are clarified as well, we can come up with a new offer, and if you approve it, we can conclude a contract.
From this moment on, our team will be working on your project. Till this process lasts we will constantly keep you informed about any issue that may need clarification, and about any detail that may require your attention or approval.
The last step is website testing. If you approve the site, it gets launched. After that final stage is complete, your business is fully equipped to take advantage of all opportunities offered by the Worldwide Web.

What sort of information should I provide for the development of my website ?

The decision about the type and amount of information your pages should contain is entirely your own. You can add whatever you like, and as much as you like- text, videos, and more. We would usually expect you to provide logos, photos, and written text for the pages that are not expected change (static ones).

I want to publish new content. How can I do it?

You don’t have to be a programmer in order to control what to publish on your web page. Cholakov IT offers building websites with additional Content Management System (CMS/Admin Panel). Working with it requires no special skills at all and the control you will actually have over your website is great. You can easily add up whatever you like without having to pay someone else to do it for you.
Dynamic websites with embedded CMS require you to put in a bit more money but they will save you some great expenses in the future. However, if you are not interested in taking advantage of this option, our team will be responsible for publishing your new content.

Is it important for the website to be built by professionals ?

Contrary to widespread misconceptions, a decent-looking website does not guarantee it has been constructed professionally. The website should meet multiple criteria from a programming perspective, it should be in line with the latest techniques in web technology and marketing, in order for it to be fully functional and inexpensive to maintain.
True to our desire for development and professionalism, we at Cholakov IT believe that it is not only appearance that matters, but many other factors. Your website is what creates the first impression about your company online. For that impression to be strong enough, and in order to build your authority as a leader, your website needs to be flawless. If you neglect its design, you can easily bore your visitors, and if you choose to be negligent about its functionality, organization and content accessibility, then you can be sure your website will be inconvenient for the users, who, in turn, will quickly forget you. The websites we create are built in such a way so as to satisfy your clients, and also to meet the requirements you have for us. We strongly believe that each company that wants to call itself a successful one needs a professional website. This is why we work devotedly so that we can be proud of each project we complete. The choice about whether you would merge with the crowd, or take a leadership position, is entirely your own.

There are a lot of companies offering website development. What makes you better than the rest?

Those who can most objectively assess our strengths are our clients. Although we could give you a number of reasons for picking us, we would rather say we are fully satisfied only when our clients are. You can view their comments in the TESTIMONIALS section. If you decide you want to work with us and get a really professional website, then it will be our pleasure to meet you and give you our full attention. We guarantee fair treatment of each client of ours. If you agree to talk to us, we believe that even an hour would be quite enough for us to help you make the right decision.

Why does a website need optimization?

Everyone has a computer today and uses it to search and find a variety of things online. Some people seek products they want to buy, others look for the details of a particular event, and still others look for information they really need. According to recent studies 20% of the people spend from 1 up to 2-3 hours a day at their computer, 30-40% spend from 3 up to 7-8 hours a day, and 30-40% spend more than eight hours at the computer every day. The percentage of people who spend very little or no time whatsoever at their computer is very small. Read more

How will SEO help my business and how long will it take until it does ?

The main goal of SEO is to drive some serious traffic to your website and generate sales. The way we achieve this is through optimization for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and more. Once SEO has reached its goal, you will not only be amongst the first page results for certain keywords, you will also be in the top 3 or 5, and you will have huge traffic and lots of sales. Optimization is one of the ways in which you increase your sales and traffic. Read more

How much does it cost and will investments return?

From one point of view, the price of SEO may be considered very low, but also very high from another. It largely depends on the type of business you would like to develop, how active you are ready to be, and much more. In a number of cases the business is being rather neglected, the people who run it are very inactive, and the achieved results simply lose their significance- this is a typical case when optimization turns expensive. This is the place to point out that if our client is really serious on business development, he/she will follow the advice given by SEO experts, as in this way all desired goals will be achieved, and the service we provide will be inexpensive and our client will be able to generate profits. Read more

Why should I promote my business on Social Media ?

Social networks are another new type of technology which develops very fast these days. Many internet users create profiles on different social media platforms and this is one of the reasons why they stay longer at their computers. Today millions of people around the world use social networks such as FACEBOOK, GOOGLE +, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, etc. Read more

How will social networks help my business ?

Social media marketing has a lot of advantages, which you can benefit from both as an individual as well as a customer for a comparatively low price.
Some of the most significant ones are:
– Building lasting quality relationships with your clients
– Easy way to promote your services, products, brands, labels, etc.
– Increasing users’ loyalty and interestRead more

How long does Social media marketing take and how much does it cost?

The good thing about Social media marketing is that its results are almost immediate, and basically there is no set period. You can do this for a month or two or maybe more. Usually clients would go for three up to six months, but if you go beyond that, you will certainly have serious profits too. A marketing strategy needs to be built, and you will set the time you need according to your financial resources and the different tasks that are to be undertaken. The price of Social media marketing services is comparatively low. In our practice we determine the price by the activity required for the marketer. If you require regular publications, a few or so every day, then the price may go higher but your success will be much greater and you investment return- bigger. Normally the price is lower when compared to optimization, and so is the activity of the marketer. However there are campaigns with very intense activity, and therefore higher price, but the results are impressive. There are campaigns that can drive you more traffic, and three to four times more sales of your products/services than Google or other search engines. We have held some very strong social media campaigns, gaining traffic of nearly 1000 visits per day from Facebook alone. This lead to huge sales of the products we were advertising at the time. Results are highly dependent on the investment budget, the customer’s own activeness and above all- on the marketing strategy used by a marketer in social networks.

What is the difference between CMS and Frameworks ?

In this article we will describe the main difference between these two applications.

What is CMS ?

CMS is Content Management System. This is a complete functionality that normally we only change the html design (called templates) and install as website. For example WordsPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others. These CMSs are complete and ready for use. They are written following a certain logic that can be changed or add new features. This type of applications are fine for small and medium web sites or web applications that the customer’s needs are close to what the CMS suggest as features. In additional ot these CMSs we have some additional features or as we call it Plugins.