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Feng Office is an online platform for projects, people, businesses and finance management as well as many other services that help businesses and larger companies. This platform is used by many large companies and institutions such as NASA, NBA, CUTI and many others. Extremely easy and intuitive to work with its open source and free version. The open source technology allows a company to modify and add specific functionalities. The changes can be easily written and integrated with no problems whatsoever. The code for this platform is well structured and understandable for programmers with extensive experience. Well applied MVC structural model and other models.

Additional technologies used in Feng Office:
ActiveCollab – system for projects and teams managment.
Ext JS – a powerful javascript library functions.
Reece Calendar – simple and very powerful PHP & MySQL Web based service. This web calendar in most cases can be integrated into other web systems or can be used independently.
Swift Mailer – pretty good solution for sending emails. PHP object-oriented application that is integrated into other web systems.
Open Flash Chart – this is an application that draws charts and graphs with given parameters. Very simple and easy to use application.
CKE Editor – powerful text editor for web based applications.
JS Sound Kit – it’s like covering of the ActionScript Sound Object, and an opportunity to use the Sound Object in Javascript the same way as in ActionScript.
PEAR – widely known PHP frameworks with very powerful functionalities and modules.

As you will notice in order to offer the highest possible quality projects and personnel management Feng Office uses many other powerful packages / modules.

Feng Office has extremely diverse functionality, or almost everything we may need to manage our office. Part of the functionality offered is:
Notes – for certain tasks or independent notes. The notes are fairly simple way to exchange information between users. They may be a substitute for Forums etc. Feng Office supports comments and thus can lead discussions and if you subscribe for certain type of notes on a project or anything else you can get an email every time someone writes something on the subject. Notes are simple but very powerful communication tool.

Email – sending or receiving email from Feng Office with POP3 or IMAP, this module can serve as a Web client for users. Also, encryption is used by SSL / TSL.

Contacts – supports addresses of people, businesses or organizations. By clicking on the tab, “Users”, we can see the contacts we have. It can be users of Feng Office, but not required. Particular contact may be of a person or a company.Inside Feng Office can be stored contacts and data of companies and organizations. A company can have many or no contacts.

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Calendar / Events – in the calendar can be recorded important company events, activities or related to a project specific task. For example, you can note when to forward a project to a customer or you can write a reminder for corporate party. The calendar has a lot more functionalities such as filters. The filters have several options: “Invitations for events awaiting response”, “events to visit”, “events, you will not visit”, “events, you might visit”. Calendars have several views: by month, by week or by day, they also have а list view, detailed view of an event, edit mode event, there is an event that features reminiscent of participating in an event for a period of time. At an event you can invite people. Overall, this module is quite versatile and has auxiliary functions. It’s easy to organize something with this module.

Documents – one of the key features of this online office that is able not only to upload word files, presentations, PDF files, photos and more, but also edit them online if necessary. Here we have two types of functionalities. Upload and share files with certain users who have rights and edit files if necessary for a particular purpose.

Tasks – this tab gives access to tasks or entire groups of tasks, of course if you have access rights. Tasks can be assigned to one person or group of people. Also, a task may be independent or there can be groups of tasks. Each task has a rich functionality. One of the interesting features is that you can set up deadlines and what is the percentage of completion. In this way it becomes easier to track the performance of a task.

Web links – maintain shortcuts to Web pages with important content as it is done in browsers. You can bookmark a page, and in Feng you can also share pages with all users of the online office if you want. They can keep many shortcuts / links to be grouped, then share with others.

Deadline for task completion – this functionality lets you see how much time you, your employees, partners or colleagues have set apart for the job. Based on the hourly wage defined in the admin panel we can create reports that show the time and cost of specific tasks or projects or the cost of a group of people working on a task. This then helps to give a more accurate value to the client for the cost of a project or task.

Reports – can be created for specific projects or events, also for companies or people if they have rights to write about them. Reports are two types: Reports – can be created at any stage of the work process by certain users depending on their assigned system access rights for given topic reports. There is 2 types of reports: automatically generated by the system when data has been entered during the work process; manual – created by the user.

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Search engine – pretty simple and easy to use. But you should know several things about it.
1) Searches in a single set up workspace or in all workspaces.
2) Searches using keywords and keyword phrases. If you want to search for a keyword phrase, then you should put it in quotation marks (“”).
3) Use of the asterisk (*) in searches is quite useful. For example, if looking for “Document *”, the search will be for the keywords “Document, Documents”. This is a pretty good feature.
4) The search engine can search inside files accessible for editing by the Feng Office system but it cannot search inside PDF files or files that cannot be edited by the system.
5) Here we also have the option of advanced search and quick search.
6) Fast search using MySQL indexing, makes it faster. But there are rules. For example, the minimum length of a keyword is 4 symbols unless MySQL does not allow otherwise.
7) The extended search option shows more search results and they are more detailed but the search speed is slower. Here there no limitations for the length of the keywords.
8) A few additional examples for advanced search and quick search:
– The “Docu” keyword placed in the extended search option will show the same search results as the search for “MyDocuments”. This will not be the case if you search “Docu” inside the quick search.
– If you search for “A*” in the quick search you will find all the words beginning with “a”. If you search “A*” in the extended search you will find all the words that have “a” in them.

As we see the Feng Office software meets all the needs for organizing projects, team management, business relationships with clients, partners, emails, documents, price formation for projects and many other services. It gives a lot of help to organize all these complex processes and prevents lots of mistakes. Certainly our work becomes easy, organized and pleasant, and therefore our lives become too, thanks to the creators of Feng Office, best online office ever.

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