How you can optimize your Facebook fan page? – Part 2

This page is part 2 of the article “How you can optimize your Facebook fan page? – part 1”.

5. Content publishing

Be active enough when you publish content: If your Facebook page stops to publish content for a long time, that will decrease the ability of your present and new fans to see your page in Facebook. After a set period of time (perhaps about a month) if there is no interaction between the fans and a particular page, they will no longer see publications of that page in their newsfeed, although they liked it.

How attractive is your content: Attractive content not only causes positive emotions but also a need of action – likes, comments, shares. After a change in the algorithm of Facebook there is 38% decrease in organic publication of page’s posts in the newsfeed of a fan. In order your content to reach more people although Facebook made changes in their Edge rank, make it attractive to them!

Content diversity: you should post diverse content on your fan page. The content is what makes it different from all other pages in Facebook! It can be interesting and new links from your website, photos, videos, shared content from other pages and website. Photos have 39% more interactions! You can also ask questions on your fan page – this is a great way to increase the comments on it which in result will increase the visibility of your page in the newsfeed of Facebook users.

Facebook optimization

Advice: post different type of content – not only links ,only photos, etc.

– Short content: when it is possible, your posts should be less than 80 characters similar to Twitter. These posts usually have 23% more interactions. And if you want to tell the whole story in a status update, probably you won’t keep the attention of your fans.

– Use emoticons: the express of emotions often leads to more comments, likes and etc. Except some very serious industries, this is a great tool for most of the fans : )

– Call to action: many facebook publications earn more interactions just by adding call to action like "Please like", "Share if…"

– When to publish? – if it is possible you should publish every day and don’t forget weekends. Most people use Facebook when they are out of work and this is often in weekends. For the same reason in hours after work from 8.p.m. to 7 a.m there are 14% more interactions in Facebook.

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– How much content you should publish? – many SMO optimizators advice us to publish 1-2 posts per day. That however may not be suitable for example for the page of a website related to news. Don’t "flood" your page with content. It is not truth that the more you share, the more higher the reach of people. This is definitely not so – there many pages which add a lot of content but there are not many likes. And why? One of the reasons is that they add a new post before the older are liked. The auto publishing to your timeline via RSS also decreases the reach of people who see your content. The algorithm of Facebook gives more priority if you manually add posts.

Advice: DON’T add new content on your page before the older has at least one interaction (like, comment, etc.) from some of your fans!

– paid ads in Facebook – they can help you for sure to reach more people and are helpful not only for people to see standard content of your page but also events, presentation of new product, etc. In this way you can also increase your Facebook fans on your page.

Using paid ads you can also "awake" the current fans of your page who are not active because they haven’t interacted with your page for a long time.

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