How you can optimize your Facebook fan page? – Part 1

Facebook fan page

Many of you have Facebook fan pages. However not everyone will say that their fan page is successful. By successful here we mean your fan page and posts to have many likes, comments, shares, traffic to your website and the most important – interaction, engagement and communication with the visitors and fans.

Here we will share some advices about how you can optimize and maintain your fan page so that it leads to more interactions with the users in Facebook.

1. Add attractive profile and cover photo

You want the visitors to remember your fan page? When they want to find it or they stumble upon a post from your page in their newsfeed, the Facebook users will see your profile image and immediately will make the connection with your page. If you haven’t added any image for your profile or it’s not suitable, people won’t give much attention to it.

When people visit your page, they will see your cover photo. The size of the cover photo is large – use it to the maximum, be creative – this will help you to win your faithful fans in Facebook! According to Facebook’s guidelines, the cover photo must not have more than 20% text in it (you can check if your cover image is OK here), calls for people to like your page and things like that.

2. Appropriate name for your fan page

Think if you have chosen the right name for your fan page. By it people will remember it and find your page when they search. If your fan page has more than 200 fans, you won’t be able to change its name later!

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3. Fill the section "Basic information"

Fill everything which can be useful for your page’s visitors in the section "Basic information" in the settings of your page – about, category, description, web site.

In "Basic information" there is option "username" in which you can change your fan page url to a shorten one – f.e. to . You can change the username only once whenever you want so choose wisely if your page name is available!

People can go to your Facebook page from 2 urls:

and the shorter

4. Tools to optimize your Facebook fan pages

– With the tool from LikeAlyzer you can analyze your page and to find useful advices for its optimization, assessment and statistic.


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