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Facebook social media

In the moment Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. Because almost everyone has a facebook account, it is very logical for every business owner to research the possibilities to present and make his or her company, brand, products of services popular in that social media.

Some people may have an opinion that Facebook is not a suitable place for business. However the facts are clear – in 2013 60% of companies ranked in Fortune 500 will use company fan pages in Facebook to communicate with their clients.

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How to make our brand more popular in Facebook

1. The first thing you can do is to create a fan page of your company. Fill carefully all details which are required like description, url of your website, company logo for profile image, etc.

2. Next add a content that will be interesting and relevant to the visitors of your page – articles from your or other relevant websites, videos, photos, etc.

3. Invite your friends to like your fan page.

build audience in facebook

4. Promote your page and content by paid ads in Facebook – not everything that you share in that social media from your personal profile or from your company page, can reach all your friends or fans. If a facebook user has hundreds of thousends of friends, he or she will receive tons of information if the user receives all the information that the other people share. To determine which are the most suitable publications to show in user’s news feed, Facebook uses its own algorithm, called Edge rank.

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What does Edge rank mean?

Edge rank Facebook

Edge rank depends from 3 main factors:

1. Affinity Score

Affinity Score means what is the affinity or how connected you are with your audience. If you have many mutual friends, you both often like and comment your content, than it is very likely that, which your friend shares to be interesting to you and that’s why Facebook shows that news to you.

2.Edge Weight – actions (edge) like comments have more weight in the algorithm of Facebook than the likes. Photos and videos usually have more influence and weight than links. If a publication has more likes, shares, comments than it will reach more people in Facebook.

3. Time Decay

Even the most popular publication in Facebook will "get old" as more times pass after it was first published and it will no longer be shown in the news feed of other Facebook users.

How we can influence Edge rank algorithm?

The question is more how we can positively influence user’s engagement with our content in Facebook. Techniques, which help, include: add of relevant and interesting for your users content like links, videos, photos; funny memes; short questions (they increase the comments in your fan page); the use of paid post in Facebook; competitions with some awards, etc.


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