Email Marketing and ten most common mistakes – part 1

Email Marketing and ten most common mistakes

One of the editors of the US magazine Econsultancy – Ben Davis describes 10 emails that he deleted and the reasons that have irritated him in these emails. In his article Davies apologizes to its readers, as well as companies whose e-mails were deleted for the negative assessment. But looking at the bright side – better to say things that could help in email campaigns than see the same mistakes over and over again.

Common Mistakes in Email Marketing are:

  • First major mistake: When you open a larger images. More major mistake happening here, when the text of the email is in the image. In this way, people will delete the email because the weak internet. And here the email marketing take its damage. The least you can do here is to reduce the size of the images, and add texts, beside the image.
  • Second major mistake: The lack of imagination in the emails leading to the mundane emails with banal texts and even more banal and trite images. Try to insert something innovative and intriguing in your email campaign, not average things like sky, sun, airplane (unless you’re an airline company or tour operator) to show some kind of gradation of things if people use your product or service.
  • Third major mistake: Putting useful and important information at the end of the letter, while initially the top is occupied by pictures and images. The most important idea of your letter should be always at the top of your email. This way people will wouldn’t have to scroll down and go through all the “inspirational” images until they reach the desired reading. Make it easy for them by amending the really important things on top and the pictures and well-chosen visuals leave for last, as a kind of dessert for the eyes after reading the e-mail.
  • Fourth main mistake: Too simple and incomplete email marketing. This is a mistake that is made when companies don’t want to be overwhelming with info and do not have much information in the email, but at the same time they go to the other end and do not give sufficient amount of information with which to intrigued and inform their target groups. Give clear information about what you offer or what you do. Don’t be scarce when it comes to good and useful information. Email campaign should not resemble a flyer brought by the girl on the street. Email campaign should direct the people through properly selected information to you and your company. Do not be wasteful of words, but be exact in what you say and represent, so that it is clear for the people what it is.
  • Email Marketing and ten most common mistakes - part 1

    Fifth major mistake: If you are in the area of seminars or you are the people who make those particular internet meetings, never, ever put in your email the title word Webinar. In most cases, this thing will wean people’s attention to emails and make them delete it as fast as they can. I throw a reference to mistake number two. Think of several not clichéd words to use, and to pull people to you, not vice versa – away from you.

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