Citations and their SEO meaning


The use of “Citations” , included as part of our SEO strategy, is important for improving the overall search engine ranking of your site. It is really important to understand the definition and application of “Citations”.

Citations are essentially data references to your business name, address, telephone or other pertinent data which can appear on website pages, other than your own website. For example, citations regarding you and/or your business can appear in online company directories, public “yellow pages” and other sources, such as conference attendee listings without your direct participation in submitting information to these sources.

SEO Citations Citations are one of Google’s optimization factors that you should not neglect, because if implemented properly, citations can be the main factor for your website to be shown or not. For example, if two websites have almost the same SEO values, the website with the most citations will most likely be ranked higher and therefore will be more visible in certain search engine results.

Why they are so important for Google?

SEO Citations and Google

Citations serve to affirm as a proof that you own a real company – not just a put-up affair, but a real business (both online and offline). Your company has “real company staff” – in other words, citations point out you are a registered firm, you maintain a physical office, have an established phone connection and most probably a real person exists as a part of it all.
SEO best practices and trends show Google likes brands, prefers real companies and other organizations with many established citations because these data points suggest those type of companies/organizations are appreciated by search engine users.

How should the citations look like?

Citations should appear using your country’s accepted format for displaying data such as addresses, phone numbers etc. It is important the citations to include:
Company’s address with postal code
Your company’s primary phone number
Your company name (with or without an URL link)

For Example:
CholakovIt Ltd, 9 Bulgarski apokrif Str, 1434 Sofia, Bulgaria

Where I can place Citations?

A  list of the most commonly used sources are shown below, but wherever you see a competitors listing or a citation for a company in a similar business, you should consider adding your organization too.
SEO Citations Social Media
• yellow pages, directories about companies
• sponsorship of different events
websites like Flickr, Picassa, You Tube
• signatures in forums and e-mails

How we can we find out where our, or other company have citations in search engines?

Users based in America can visit . If you are outside USA – post in a search engine box, the address, the phone number and the name of the company and see what will display on the results.

Here you can watch video with additional information from our colleagues!