Why to use Symfony Framework

Nowadays, there are many kinds of PHP frameworks, for example Zend, CodeIgniter, Cake PHP, etc. Established as an individual project for the client, the library with functions and classes for web application – Symfony Framework is well-known and thousands of companies rely on it. Both consumers and developers, who choose Symfony, succeed to benefit from their choice. Business Benefits: Symfony … Read More

Email Marketing and ten most common mistakes – part 1

One of the editors of the US magazine Econsultancy – Ben Davis describes 10 emails that he deleted and the reasons that have irritated him in these emails. In his article Davies apologizes to its readers, as well as companies whose e-mails were deleted for the negative assessment. But looking at the bright side – better to say things that could help in email campaigns than see the same mistakes over and over again. Read More

Key strategies for automatic emails – a massive attack in the right direction

International director of “Strategic Management” for Lyris London Mr. Philip Storey, offers to us several strategies for successful automatic email campaign at the right time and the right target group. This article addresses a wide range of business fields, especially the tourism sector. It is obligatory if you are in this sector to use at least one of the subsequent tactics and strategies working for your business. Read More

Psychology of email marketing

One of the great American psychologists shows us several of the most basic tactics influencing the choices and decisions of people. American psychologist Robert Chialdini introduce us to the basic mechanisms affecting the consumer, namely: reciprocity, commitment and consistency, consensus similarity, authority and limited quantities. Read More