7 web site design tips


1.Get creative

– maybe the most important part of any graphic design work is coming up with creative ideas. Look around the internet, check out different designer websites, portfolios, picture galleries etc. and get inspired. Creativity also means creating unique products that come from your own creative thinking.

2. Colors

– before starting a project you have to know what your clients ideas may be and what colors they would prefer. You can always include an extra version of your work with your color ideas and see how they like it. Often you will be given a corporate color set to work with.

3. Grid system

– these days it is very common for web designers to use the so called grid systems. A very popular one is the 960 Grid System. With the 960 GS you create a standard 960 pixel wide web site design. Choose the grid you want to work with since in the 960 GS you can work with different number of columns inside of the grid. Order your content according to it. You will see that using a grid system makes a big difference in the overall orderly look of your website design. Some people don’t like using grid systems and this is OK but grid systems do make a graphic designers work easier.

4. Fonts

– choose a desired font for your project. For best results use one font for the web site that you are creating. This practice helps for the professional outlook of the website and helps avoid undesired annoyance by web site visitors since different fonts draw the web site visitors attention to the wrong thing and the result is that visitors find information harder or just give up looking and leave the web site.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly designs

– it is surprising how many people don’t care about SEO when it is a matter of web site design or they think about SEO after the the design is finished and than it is too late. So think about SEO elements to be included in your web site design before starting the project.

6. Flash and Java Script

– these two are great for stunning web site design but make sure you use them wisely and don’t over use them because this may affect the performance of the web site in search engines. Search engines don’t like Flash and Java Script.

7. Innovation

– last but not least. If you want to stand out from your competition you have to constantly reinvent yourself and come up with unique and even unusual implementations in your designs. Everyone knows what a professional web site design looks like but the idea is to go beyond that and create something which no one has ever seen before an idea which makes the client say ‘WOW’. At the end of the day what matters is how satisfied your clients are with your work and not how professional your web site design looks according to the industry standards.

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