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Email Marketing and ten most common mistakes – part 1

One of the editors of the US magazine Econsultancy – Ben Davis describes 10 emails that he deleted and the reasons that have irritated him in these emails. In his article Davies apologizes to its readers, as well as companies whose e-mails were deleted for the negative assessment. But looking at the bright side – better to say things that could help in email campaigns than see the same mistakes over and over again. Read More


Ivan Prankov

Manager 15/02/2015

The Cholakov IT company has done a superb work with my online shopping website. For a short period of time they created a brand new site, who looks way better than the old one, and it’s better prefered from my clients than the old one. My sales have increased much since then. The ...
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Irina Borisova

CEO 26/08/2014

I contacted company “CHOLAKOV IT“ and gave them a task, to reconstruct our company website ““. They didn’t just complete the task in short period of time, but they gave us very good and useful ideas thanks to that our website is much better and works perfect! It i ...
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Miroslav Gutsalo


Working together, we developed a more modern website and added many new features. I love the way Cholakov IT works … Now our site is asthetically pleasing and functional, just the way we envisioned it to be! While the company was working on it, we had new ideas and often ch ...
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Aditya Nowotny

Manager, OETQ ltd. 22/05/2014

We have been working with Cholakov IT Company for a few years and we continue to work with them, because we see them as a stable business partner.Their skills in web development and web advertising are on extremely high level. They developed for us The great applica ...
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Ivelina Manova

SEM Trainer 27/07/2013

CholakovIT are highly experienced professionalists. As a Project manager in Redutta we have worked together on few projects and later we continued working together. Their most valuable skills are strong analytical thinking when solving different problems as well as excellent proj ...
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